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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Real Ghost Caught On Camera? Top 5 Scary Haunted Houses

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The Top 5 scary videos of creepy paranormal encounters and ghost videos all caught on tape in haunted places.

Ghost hunters and average people explore haunted houses and abandoned buildings in this scary top 5 countdown. Their investigations uncover some truly frightening supernatural activity as they explore the unknown.

In this video: A handyman encounters a poltergeist in an abandoned house. An amateur ghost hunter sees a bizarre apparition peeking through her window. A popular Youtuber catches yet another encounter with a ghost in his home. A group of ghost hunters investigate an abandoned building and find something creepy residing on one of the upper floors. An analysis of their footage reveals that the home might have a paranormal resident. And a man makes a mysterious discovery while filming in the UK countryside.

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The Top 10 Streaming Scary Movies of Today (According to Netflix)

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And in all its basic-ness, you'd be shocked to realize that it's not just a linear-type film with one main idea. There are actually a ton of deep meanings behind all of the frames, the shots, the sequences, the scenes. With obviously the underlying principle, the whole point of it: meaningless sex is bad!

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