SCARY HORROR STUFF: Here's Your Triple Threat TV Zombie Throwdown: iZombie Vs. Z Nation Vs. The Walking Dead
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Here's Your Triple Threat TV Zombie Throwdown: iZombie Vs. Z Nation Vs. The Walking Dead

You like pro wrestling? I like pro wrestling.... So chances are pretty good you know what a "triple threat" match is. If not, it's pretty simple: three combatants go at it, winner takes all. That's basically the gist of it. This is fitting given the fact that throughout the horror genre, we've seen quite the explosion of the ever-loving zombie story, and rightly so: the sub-genre's chock full of subtle overtones. Genius overtones. I mean, after all, you put a bunch of zombies in a mall going after some meaty humans, and that's ripe for a conversation on consumerism in our country. Genius.

This Is Why I Had to Make A Triple Threat Throwdown on, You Guessed, Zombies

They're sweeping the nation both on the silver screen and small screen. But we'll tackle the small
screen. Out of fairness, I've left the spin-off "Fear the Walking Dead" out of this given the fact that the heavy hitter's already in the undead ring right now. And if I did include the spin-off, we'd be talking about an interesting fatal 4-way unless the other two shows team up and this becomes a tag team match.

You know what's on the card here: we've got iZombie, Z Nation, and The Walking Dead. Arguably three of the top horror zombie shows currently running. Now we know you've got some love for one -- maybe two -- of these shows, but I'm going to ask the question no one ever wants to ask....

Which show is better?

Tough Choice, Isn't It?

The truth is each show here represents a specific demographic of zombie-lovers. THE WALKING DEAD? More of that horror melodrama. iZOMBIE's got the CSI criminal procedural crowd with a smattering of zombie goodness, and Z NATION is just plain eye candy for the horror nut who doesn't want to think about storylines.

The question you have to ask yourself is which one suits you best. Aside from that, this TRIPLE THREAT is a match still going on with sudden death (or undeath) rules, and we won't really see a winner until one's still running and the other two are canceled (or at the very least done with their TV runs). That's about the best prediction.... Here's how we'll break it down, though:

THE WALKING DEAD will edge out both Z NATION and iZOMBIE with these two being at a dead heat, not because TWD is a 'better' show, but a longer running show.

After all.... Story and characters will keep a series going. Like an undead walker.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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