SCARY HORROR STUFF: 3 Top Unlikely Stars to Play SATAN in Films
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Monday, January 30, 2017

3 Top Unlikely Stars to Play SATAN in Films

Isn't it a bit odd and naughty that the Devil gets so much attention in media? Yep. Truthfully, though, God Himself has been depicted arguably just as much. Remember Morgan Freeman in BRUCE ALMIGHTY? Clever. We also found it interesting that Alanis Morissette also played a mute God in Kevin Smith's DOGMA. Yes, the mythological figures of our media get a lot of attention, but sometimes we forget that some creative and inventive depictions arise out of the most unlikely actors!

You Know the Easy Ones, Right? Jack Nicholson (Love the Devilish Eyebrows) and Even Al Pacino (With His Gritty Gangster Look)

Sometimes it's all too familiar, so Hollywood likes to try something a little different with the Devil, and that's cool. But you wouldn't even expect these actors to try their hand at the Prince of Darkness, and perhaps a couple are a bit questionable.

So here are the top three in our opinion as far as breaking the hellish mold that is SATAN, reinventing what it's like to be the King of Sinners:
I'm willing to bet you never knew these films existed. And if you did, you completely forgot about them. Proof that so much of horror exists even out there among the A-listers and other genres to great effect. Yes, religious thrillers have their piece of the pie and touch on multiple aspects.

But nothing beats oddball, offbeat, and perhaps a little 'weird' turns of some of the most iconic horror symbols of all time. SATAN's one of them.

And Here We Have 3 COMEDIANS -- All Who Have Played the Prince of Darkness

Any other actors you think would be an excellent twist on Beelzebub in films or TV? Comment below! I'm personally thinking Jim Carrey would be an interesting choice right now. Ever watch THE CABLE GUY?

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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