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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

THE GREASY STRANGLER Movie Trailer Has Me Wondering What's Happened to Humanity Lately

What. In God's. NAME. Possessed someone. To even think of developing a film like this.... I purposely didn't even leave a question mark there for good reason, because I don't even think this question should be answered, or can be answered, lest you watch your soul decay into a pile of bubbling horse manure.

What Film Am I Talking About? Oh, Nothing But THE GREASY STRANGLER

Rest assured, though: it took some serious groin muscles to come up with something like this, and it's a trend we've been seeing lately. This is an example of how horror can transcend even the most terrifying sh*t known to man and become something of sheer awe, and even humor. Disturbing, obviously, of course.

THE GREASY STRANGLER is that film. It's remarkable in its ability to go above and beyond the rules of content, so much that it's one of the official selections for a certain film festival (Sundance) and a couple others, too. I forget what they are given my brain's still stuck on some of the images in this trailer -- haunting me, possibly for the next few weeks.

NSFW -- Please don't watch if you can't handle some really disturbing images. This is a movie trailer not for the timid. All you need to know is that the film is about a guy named Ronnie, running a disco walking tour with his son Brayden when along comes a rather "attractive" lady forcing the two to make it a competition to win her love until an "oily strangler" shows up to prey on the innocent at night.

Yeah. Weird.

Seriously -- This Was the Most Bizarre Film Trailer I Have Ever Seen

I honestly don't even know if I have the courage to see the film. But I want to. Just to say I saw the film. And the freakiest part is that the movie was co-produced by Frodo Baggins himself, Mr. Elijah Wood! How the hell does that work out??

THE GREASY STRANGLER will actually arrive in theaters on October 7th. Be afraid.

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