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Friday, September 2, 2016

We'll Be Seeing Kevin Bacon Feeling the Tremors on Amazon Soon Enough!

I had to have been living under a rock to not even know that almost an entire year ago, Kevin Bacon, the Baconator, had announced he'd be finally returning to the Tremors franchise a la Amazon as a -- wait for it -- TELEVISION SERIES!

Praise the Holy Horror Gods for Amazon and Tremors

Please say you remember that enduring horror comedy creature franchise. Graboids. Shriekers. Ass Blasters. Names like that don't just get tossed around, and they'll be the stuff of creature legend in cinema for many more generations to come. To hear that Bacon's bringing the bacon back into the franchise that started it all is, well.... Euphoric.

According to him, the series will be set literally 25 years after the original film. Same character. Just much older. The thing, though, is Kevin himself wants to basically not acknowledge all the sequels made after the original and wants to make this series his own baby. I get that. I just hope he doesn't completely disown the content there.

Either Way, It Looks Like It'll Be a Grand ol' Time on Amazon With the New Tremors TV Series

And after all this time, we get the great Kevin Bacon back on board. Don't get me wrong: I love me some Fred Ward and Michael Gross (even Reba McEntire, who sadly wasn't in any of the sequels). But something tells me the true heart and soul of the series lost after all this time was the Bacon. Nice and crispy.

What do you guys think? Excited for this new TV series from Amazon, bringing home the franchise back to where it started? Or is Kevin Bacon just too old for this role?

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