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Friday, November 18, 2016

Here's Something We've Never Tackled Before: DELUSION Interactive Horror Plays

....What? Yes, that's correct: they're called "interactive horror plays," and nowadays with the advent of technology, we're looking at a little something gamers might really get into: VR HORROR. The crazy thing is you won't a lot of this interactive media anywhere else except for maybe Los Angeles, CA, where the premier "haunted house" of haunted houses run by a company known as Delusion not only opens to the public as a traditional feature -- but you, the guest, can actually participate in the actual story line.


Think of It as One of Those Murder Mystery Train Rides

Only it's not on a train. And it's not a mystery. It's a horror story. Real actors. Real storyline. Real script (with a lot of improv thrown in), and you're right in the thick of it. That's Delusion, and you can check them out right here. First off, you've got to get an inside look on what it sort of looks like to experience one of their interactive plays for yourself. If only many more haunted houses and haunted rides could be like this....

The crazy thing is this company funding and performing their events have been around for a while. They only do their work right in LA, but most recently, a new development is underway involving the next craze in horror interaction: and that's virtual reality.

DELUSION Will Be Partnering With Skybound to Develop What Could Be the Next Big Thing in Horror Entertainment

We've been seeing it in gaming. We've even seen it with VR gaming. Now we're going to see an interactive VR experience operating very much how Delusion delivers, but with literally no boundaries.

You can die. You can experience more beyond what reality can give you. The VR world operates under no rules. And this production will begin in 2017. Start counting the days, people. The innovation that is DELUSION will now enter the minds of any human being at any corner of the world.

It's a great time to love the horror genre.

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