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Thursday, June 22, 2017

This NSFW Horror Short Will F*cking F*ck You the F*ck Up

Wow. I thought I've seen everything when it came to horror shorts. I haven't. I apologize for the crude vulgar banter by the way as you see in the headline. But it was appropriate. It also serves as quite the disclaimer for this NSFW short film I just saw, which propelled me into some other world involving rodents, boobs, body parts, and other nonsensical weirdness deserving of mention here. Check it out:

You now see what I mean....

Interestingly enough, the magical, macabre minds of utter turmoil behind this horror short happens to be the South African rap group Die Antwoord (South Africa? ....Cool.). You might actually have seen two of the members who have had acting roles in that little-known Neill Blomkamp film CHAPPIE; their names are Ninja (that's right, Ninja) and Yolandi Visser. Who knew, right?

Even more interesting is the fact that these two rap/film stars have a 12-year-old daughter with quite the potty mouth as you have just seen, and with arguably the strangest name ever in existence: 16 Jones. Or Sixteen Jones (we're not sure how the fam has her name written in her birth certificate).

But if you also look closely enough at the later minutes of the short film, you might notice a well-known movie star or two -- as in a guy by the name of Jack Black (who was in the credits, but there's a big chance you might've missed him if you really weren't paying much attention and were just enthralled with the B&W psychosis that was this little film).

Again, quite the NSFW affair. F*ck. But that's what we live for here!

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