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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Be Still My Heart: the Film "Gremlins" Will Return to Theaters This December 2017

Arguably the quintessential Christmas horror comedy film of the universe, "Gremlins," you can only expect heart palpitations from such a fright fanatic as myself. It was recently announced by Warner Bros. that on Friday, December 8, 2017, an event known as Gremlins: Rule Breakers will feature not only the film itself in participating cinemas, but an interview with Joe Dante himself and even a Rhys Cooper limited edition T-shirt!

And for Those Who Are a Little Fuzzy on the Fuzzballs Who Hate Light, Love Water, and Enjoy an Occasional Snack After Midnight, Check Out the Original Trailer....

Again.... Be still my black heart.

Thankfully you'll be able to check out those locations participating in this wonderful event right here, and let's hope at least one of them happen to be within driving distance of you.

My main joy is the simple fact that while Gremlins wasn't necessarily a "Christmas" movie, let alone a Christmas "HORROR" movie -- it was still a horror comedy film that happened to capture the actual spirit of Christmas without it being blatantly about, well, Christmas.

It was whimsical. It was about a gift. It was about spoiling the gift. Misusing the gift. It was about making sure you follow all the rules. And we all know: Christmas has rules. If you break them, you're liable to get a lump of coal (or a few bloodthirsty gremlins at your door) or even Krampus himself to rain on your parade.

Indeed, Christmas, While Being a Time of Joy, Was Also a Bit of an Ominous Time, One of Darkness, But That's What We Love!

Because the very next day.... Christmas Day.... You realize it was all worth it in the end! Don't get me wrong: I love me some Black Christmas or Silent Night Deadly Night or any of the other darker versions of a Christmas tale (hey, Dickens, I'm looking at you and your Christmas Carol, pal).

"Gremlins," though? That's just plain raw fun. Break out the crazy egg nog while watching it, man.

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