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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Disney Has Done the Impossible: Acquiring 20th Century Fox, But What About DEADPOOL??

We know what you're thinking. Seriously. The big emergency we all want to throw ourselves into a pool of acid over is the fact that while Disney, the media juggernaut that it is, having already acquired the likes of Marvel and Lucasfilm, getting their mouse claws on the likes of the very studio responsible for Deadpool is a MASSIVE accomplishment, making room for crossovers at Marvel Studios that every superhero nerd would cream over (Avengers & X-Men, anyone?), here's the massive problem everyone's wondering about....

We Don't Want Our R-Rated Stuff to Go Fluffy Disney-Monized!

Right? Right? I mean, thinking of Deadpool or a gritty Logan, or even a film feature of The Punisher, prancing around in tights singing KUMBAYA to little kids dressed like Disney princesses doesn't
exactly charm the money to come out of my pocket for those films.

One of the biggest reasons why the films DEADPOOL and LOGAN were massive hits was that hard R-rating. And let's face it: Disney's not necessarily known for the *R*.

The good news is CEO Bob Iger himself reassured fans of everything X-related to the more friendly superhero fare of, say, Ant-Man and Spider-Man targeting the younger crowd (although, be honest: your 14-year-old saw DEADPOOL, and you liked it) will be included within the umbrella that is MARVEL -- under DISNEY. Which also includes every Jedi known to man. Here's what the guy had to say....
"It [Deadpool] clearly has been and will be Marvel branded. But we think there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool. As long as we let the audiences know what's coming, we think we can manage that fine."
Dear Jesus. Disney's bigger than Facebook, Amazon, and fidget spinners all combined. And that's great news. So now we can enjoy the prospects of the MCU potentially crossing over to all of the X-Men (because FOX owns the film rights to those characters), which, of course, includes Deadpool.

So.... Now Chances Are Pretty Damn Good You'll See a Lot of References to the More Hardcore Marvel Properties When Watching Something Like Squirrel Girl or even Guardians of the Galaxy

We can't complain. Scoff if you will that even the harder "R" might still get "softer" thanks to mouse fur. But the fact is this -- Disney's already been known to push the envelope a bit.

Think of the horror genre, for instance; Disney's big on that, and some of the stuff can get scary. Remember THE SIXTH SENSE by M. Night Shyamalan? You'd be surprised to know that that film -- was funded technically by DISNEY! That, therefore, makes that film...a Disney film!

Needless to say, I'm not worried. We'll still see Deadpool as raunchy and sick as ever. And who knows: we might now see the likes of Blade swing around, too. In all his bloody, gory glory.

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