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Friday, February 2, 2018

Zac Efron as Ted Bundy Is the Perfect Example of How the Horror Genre Elevates an Actor

Nothing against Zac Efron.... But I'm always going to peg him for a comedian alongside Seth Rogen.

That's not a bad thing, though! I like comedies. Especially when there's a whole lot of freakouts and blood. This, however, isn't about comedies or even anything remotely related to High School Musical (which honestly could be a horror movie from a certain point of view), but rather....

The Fact That Zac Efron Now Has Me TOTALLY Creeped Out With His Soon-to-Be Turn as the Infamous Serial Killer and Rapist TED BUNDY

Uncanny. Truthfully. When the announcement was made about a new film based on Ted Bundy, I
instantly began to wonder: who would play the iconic psychopath? And we did get our answer: Zac Efron. Who astonishingly resembles the criminal himself in a creepy way. That photo of Zac isn't even him actually in character (the photo was on a cut while conversing with the director)! He, yet, somehow manages to look, well...disturbing.

The film called EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE, a visionary piece from Joe Berlinger, is currently filming in Covington, Kentucky. There's no telling if this will be a rather dark, moody and brooding affair, or something more documentary-like a la THE SOCIAL NETWORK but with a sense of dark comedic flair (I mean, it's Zac Efron, for crying out loud -- plus it was also announced that THE BIG BANG THEORY's Jim Parsons will also star in the film).

Whatever the case may be....

It May Once Again Be Proof That Horror Can Truly Transfigure an Actor Into a Whole New World

We won't know until we see this film, though. I might still just feel like I'm looking at a frat boy with abs. Who knows. But we've seen this before, where even a comedian lands a hot role either as a real-life evil person, or victim, what have you, or somehow expands the repertoire for acting chops to include a whole lot of terror, anger, and sadness.... (like Vince Vaughn when he originally exploded onto the movie scene with his eerie mirrored version of Norman Bates in the remake of PSYCHO). This might be Efron's breakout role. Who knows. He's done musicals. Romances. Comedies. But what about horror? I'm licking my lips....

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