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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

YouTube Is Making a Major Statement With Their Lesbian Vampire Series "Carmilla"

And we thought the only players in the game were the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, FX, and a slew of other networks known for bringing the names in brand series and original features. Let's throw in YouTube as well! After all, this is an online venture also throwing their hat into the film feature enterprise....

Let's Talk About "Carmilla" For a Bit Here

I'll be embarrassed to say that I only just heard about this groundbreaking series and how they're only just getting into their third season on YouTube. Honestly, though, I don't go on YouTube specifically for the television, or even the films (because for the longest time, YouTube for me was strictly about video watching, and not necessarily watching television series or even movies!).

But let's just say chances are you won't find this series on something like Shudder or Screambox. And that's saying something.

YouTube's getting competitive. And that's a good thing. No doubt. I don't shy away from the flood of new original programming coming from just about every shadow and corner in the dark industry of horror, but here's a big surprise:

The Show "Carmilla" Will Now Soon Feature a Film Follow-Up

Bravo, YouTube. You're joining the ranks of, say, Netflix. I applaud the effort. That's coming from a horror freak like me seeing the envelope pushed with such a series as "Carmilla," a show about lesbian vampires (talk about niche targeting, and I like it).

You can learn more about "Carmilla" right here on YouTube.

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