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Monday, October 17, 2016

Seeing "The Exorcist" With New Eyes, Thanks to FOX Network

I'll play the Devil's Advocate here (see what I did there?) -- as much of a purist as I've been with the timelessness that is the original Exorcist (no frills, no bells or whistles, just a scared, little girl acting like a MAJOR pervert), I have to say:

The New TV Series from FOX, "The Exorcist," Delivers

I applaud the effort. It's got me gripped in its meat hooks, and I feel the skin pulling in weird ways, man. And let me make one thing clear: there's hardly any paranormal stuff going on outside of the fact that we've got maybe a kid, another kid, and some homeless lady possessed by such a demon in harrowing fashion. And, no, there aren't any weird prosthetics, makeup enhancements, or even green vomit.

This stuff feels like it's for real. It makes me think of the possibility that the Catholic Church sees
stuff exactly like this. Weird stuff.

Let me explain: I think the reason why the whole Exorcist film series got off track (except for the excellent Exorcist III, in my opinion, being the hidden gem of the bunch) was some of the additions of paranormal flashiness and over-religious depictions. Sure, I get the whole speaking different tongues, and the bending of arms like in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and "The Last Exorcism," and all that jazz, and I get it. I do love it.

But this television show FOX has, based on the original film starting the demonic possession movement of cinema, has taken it a bit deeper. This isn't about a demon possessing a little girl anymore.

This is about evil possessing the good in all people.

This is about the faithless. The doubters. The weak. The hateful. The priests out there who aren't as stainless as you think. It's about bitterness, a broken world, and a ruthlessness that makes you want to cringe.

What I love is that while "The Exorcist" featured in great length the downward spiral and then the purge itself -- this television show takes that downward spiral and sloooooooowwws it down in such agonizing fashion. And it modernizes it. Is it a disease? Is it a condition? Is it a mental problem?

Or is it the devil?

I Strongly Suggest Checking Out "The Exorcist"

As a purist, I'll always love the original. But as a horror legionnaire, you've got to take the material and transcend what was there back then and make it even more relevant today. If you don't, anything you do to honor the greats from the past are just imitations of the future.

Check out "The Exorcist" on FOX. It airs Fridays at 9PM EST/8PM CST.

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