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Friday, February 3, 2017


That's right: the legendary British actor John Hurt did, in fact, play a role in the animated feature THOMAS THE TRAIN. The "Lost Treasure" film, in fact. Interestingly enough, these three films were animated (yes, we're talking about the animated LORD OF THE RINGS, not Peter Jackson's epic). And John Hurt had a role in all three of them.

Want to Know Which Roles John Hurt Had in These Films?

These might surprise you especially knowing that one of these indeed was a Disney film.  And if you're Viggo Mortensen, you'll be especially shocked:

  • THE BLACK CAULDRON -- Yep, that cute Disney feature about a pig, a magic cauldron, and a horned king very much like Tim Curry's devil from the Tom Cruise vehicle LEGEND. That's right. John Hurt lent his voice to the character of the demonic horned king back in 1985!
  • THE LORD OF THE RINGS -- Again, not the live rendition of the film. The animated one, in fact, back in 1978. This one will blow you away. Why? It just so happened that John Hurt himself was the voice of the king. Aragorn.
  • THOMAS THE TRAIN: THE LOST TREASURE -- So obscure that we had to list this one last, for sure. Thomas the Train was iconic with kids for years, and generally speaking, we watched the show (or the film) just for the trains. But, yes, John Hurt had a role in this film, too. He was the villain of the film, Sailor John. Again, not a train.
And believe us when we say this.... You'd find more obscure roles in his filmography other than that, which proves the very best point to celebrate his life:


You Couldn't Beat the Film Career of John Hurt

Without a doubt. In a way, he echoed his true character in CONTACT next to Jodi Foster as the mysterious man who propelled the story further. A man who had undoubtedly accomplished much in his life and career.

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