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Friday, August 12, 2016

Here Are the Top 10 Political Horror Films Ever Made

That's one thing I absolutely adore about the horror genre: it's a convenient medium, which an artist can convey and communicate a specific message without literally hitting you on the head. Think political here, people. Something about the gravitas of a cornerstone event potentially changing the course of history or society brings with it a sense of horror, actually -- so why not display it in the most outrageous way as a way of making a massive statement?

Think Zombies, for Instance: Just About Every Zombie Movie's a Political Satire!

But so many other films out there accomplish the same with such creativity that you may not even realize even the best of films are somewhat based on some political message or motivation. That makes these works of art true art, genius creations laced underneath with that political tone revealing the truth of a situation and saying, "Yep, that sh*t did suck, and here's a blunt portrayal of it."

Us viewers and readers love getting a message like that without it being preached to us. Because we then understand it from that point of view -- the story itself, with all its intensity, suspense and horror -- and relate to it. These undoubtedly are the best political horror films out there, and you wouldn't have ever guessed that they were political. Click the links to find out why they're on this list, and trust me: you'll be shocked.
  • The Crazies (1973) -- You wouldn't honestly think this had anything to do with some political agenda, and it's just a story, right? Wrong.
  • The Children (1980) -- Something about creepy children always gets to people. Village of the Damned, The Shining.
  • The Stuff (1985) -- There's something honestly frightening about eating something that could then eat you from the inside out, right?
  • White Dog (1982) -- Honestly, this film didn't poke around the topic of racism at all, and it was pretty clear on what the message was.
  • The Hills Have Eyes (1977) -- What? This freakish Wes Craven shocker was a political-type thriller.
  • Hostel (2005) -- Right off the bat, you'd think this is just about a trio of dorks on vacation and getting kidnapped for torture. No.
  • Machete (2010) -- Adios, mio, I had to laugh at this one, because it's plainly obvious what kind of stab this film took on society.
  • Teeth (2007) -- An ingenious film with a truly freakish message about a girl with a set of chompers inside her vagina.
  • They Live (1988) -- They're watching, man. Those aliens parading around as humans.
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968) -- Yes, the king of political horror films for obvious reason. After all George Romero made the thing, and he has an eye for politics. Why is this iconic film such a political statement?
And if you really analyze many, many, many other horror films/books out there, you just might see that there's an inherent message behind them as well.

Truthfully, That's the Horror Genre's Secret Weapon

It's priceless. Endlessly genuine. You see? It's not simply about vampires, flesh-eaters, werewolves, or other paranormal things. There's a deep agenda behind these stories, and that's what makes them so rich. Love it.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!