SCARY HORROR STUFF: Here's the Cool Thing About STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Many Don't Even Realize
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Here's the Cool Thing About STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Many Don't Even Realize

Sure, we're seeing a ton of news about Netflix's breakout hit STRANGER THINGS, everything from the awesome news about Eleven returning, to some great updates about the quality of actors on set, like with that one chick named Barb on the show (seriously, that's one cool actress!). But you wouldn't even expect this turn of events, much in line with the scope and feel of the show. Talk about paying homage to the '80s in a big way like the show does!


Two New Cast Members Have Been Added to the Roster for STRANGER THINGS Season 2: Sean Astin and Paul Reiser

If you know Hollywood like we do, you'd know that these two names hold some real strong meaning. And, no, we're not talking about THE LORD OF THE RINGS or.... whatever Paul Reiser's been in lately. STRANGER THINGS knows how to throw back to the golden days of hard-boiled kid thrillers and the nail-biters of yesterday, and it's no secret that the show aims to bring back what we loved to watch when we were kids. Heck, even the show itself is set in the '80s....

But just in case you don't see what's cool about adding these two fine actors to the show, let's refresh your memory:

Look familiar? That's Sean Astin in arguably his most iconic role in THE GOONIES. A film ironically one of the mainstays, one of the inspirations drawing classic nostalgia for STRANGER THINGS: and Mr. Sean Astin is now a part of it.

What about Paul Reiser, though? You might remember him briefly....

You guessed it: the infamous douche of Cameron's ALIENS, Mr. Carter Burke. Next to Bill Paxton's "Game over, man, this is game over!", Burke probably was remembered for the most deserved death we didn't get to see on screen. But there was something about the charm of the moment, and his sleazy character, that just made the film that much better.

We now get to see the man who played the ALIENS myth on STRANGER THINGS for season 2. And, yes, ALIENS is a big inspiration for the Netflix show for good reason. Let's hope Reiser plays another turd character, because somehow he seems to pull it off without much actual effort, and he does it super well.

Be Looking for STRANGER THINGS Season 2 on Netflix, Hopefully Very Soon

The anxiety will probably kill all of us, really. Because Netflix is notorious for being a bit slow on rolling out their originals. But that's their ingenious game plan. Like holding up that piece of meat for us to jump for, and lowering it just a smidge every single day. Netflix: we love to hate you and love you for it.

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