SCARY HORROR STUFF: How Peter Stormare Had Reinvented the Depiction of Satan in CONSTANTINE
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How Peter Stormare Had Reinvented the Depiction of Satan in CONSTANTINE

What do you think of when you think of Satan? Red. Horns. Flames. Demons. Scary eyes. Blackness. Blackened. The vicious terror, like a plague on your skin. Decay. Flies. Let's just say the idea of Satan isn't pretty, so it makes sense that we've seen a lot of depictions mimic exactly that to some extent.

We want hellfire. We want deviousness, a kind of almost sexual predator-ism, but without the whole dirty-old-man-sleeping-with-the-five-year-old vibe. More like a more viral, older version of Edward Cullen. That's the Satan we're used to.


Who Knew Peter Stormare Would Completely Flip the Depiction of Satan on Its Head With the Underappreciated CONSTANTINE?

Things change, we guess, as with many recent depictions of Satan in cinema. Remember the film BEDAZZLED? Thankfully, you probably don't (although the movie was one heck of a comedy). But the film CONSTANTINE, an adaptation of DC's "Hellblazer" comics featuring John Constantine as a smoking gumshoe hunting for demons to sentence back into Hell -- that's an interesting feature.

Overall, the movie was okay -- not Keanu Reeves best work.... But HOBOY, what a doozy of a role Mr. Peter Stormare threw in there as the veritable Prince of Darkness. Check it out:

Totally revitalized the sense of who Satan really is.... We don't expect the odd, out-of-place fact that Satan's a man in a white suit, no shoes, a whole lot of crude oil slick on his feet and staining the bottom part of his slacks. Makes him look like someone who's a little out of his realm -- and why wouldn't he be? Lucifer's a fallen angel, alone wandering the Earth, a bit on the bizarre side, too, like he's tweaking a little on something.

Some of the more subtle details lend to the air of that painted, manufactured side of Satan with the barely visible tattoos, bulging veins on the sides of his pale head. He's not 'original'. He's designed. Fabricated. Even crazier is the sense that there's some homosexual tendencies, which wouldn't veer too far from what Satan's all about when you think on it!

And Everyone Wants to Paint Satan Into a BOX. SHAME ON THEM.

SHS loves the colorful, interesting, dynamic and creative ways to show what EVIL can look like. And Peter Stormare is no exception to that ideal. The only complaint we have is how we couldn't see more of him in a story follow-up suitable for the brand DC possesses in CONSTANTINE. Sad. Really sad.

What do you think? Good stuff from Stormare on CONSTANTINE? Or not your cup of tea? You be the judge. 

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