SCARY HORROR STUFF: The Scary Connection Between the Film POLTERGEIST and the Super Bowl
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Scary Connection Between the Film POLTERGEIST and the Super Bowl

It could be a coincidence. Maybe. Or maybe not. Still it's fitting to sort of celebrate the Patriots' iconic Super Bowl win this past Sunday with a rather disturbing story. Pay close attention, because this is, like, THE CROW Brandon Lee freaky stuff --

Here We Go -- in the Film POLTERGEIST, There's a Little Poster Featuring the SUPER BOWL in Just ONE Scene

Not a big deal, right? Wrong. Check out the still of the scene in question.

We're in Robbie and Carol Anne's bedroom, and we see that poster for just a moment. Now that's all fine and dandy as we can see that the Super Bowl featured in the poster clearly shows to be in the '80s, and it just so happens that the film POLTERGEIST was released in 1982. Makes sense --

But noooooo, it doesn't. If you look closely (you honestly can't see it that well in the image, but just trust us on this one), the poster's not even for Super Bowl 16, which would've been the game played in 1982. In fact, the Super Bowl poster isn't even for 1983, which would've been Super Bowl 17. Not even close.

Watch the film yourself and pause the scene. Look very closely....

That poster is for Super Bowl 22, the game that took place in 1988 -- literally six years after the release of the film.


Now, Granted, We Can't Even Say for Sure That the Film POLTERGEIST Wasn't Set in the Year of 1988

We only assume films are set in the year they're released -- or at least, well, filmed. A common misconception. Oftentimes we can honestly tell that a film is set in the future, though -- or the past. I mean, look at BACK TO THE FUTURE, for crying out loud.

But for all intents and purposes, it's still a little odd that we're looking at a supposedly real poster of Super Bowl 22, and the film wasn't even shot in that year.

That's not all, though.... That's not even the freakiest part.

You Remember the Infamous Little Actress, God Rest Her Soul, Who Played the Great Carol Anne, Right?

Yeah, the "THEY'RE HEEEERE" kid. Heather O'Rourke. We want you to understand something really shocking about the connection between Super Bowl 22 and little Heather....

Super Bowl 22 took place on January 31st, 1988. Got it? Good. Would you like to know exactly when O'Rourke fell ill mysteriously? 

Don't freak out: January 31st. 1988.

Bear in mind that this is something having occurred six years after we get to see that freakin' poster in the original film released in 1982. Coincidence? Again.... Maybe. But guess what: it gets even weirder.

Want to know when and where Heather O'Rourke suddenly died after falling ill? ....The very next day. February 1st, 1988.

She kept vomiting, finally rushed to the hospital on that January 31st. Sadly, Heather suffered cardiac arrest due to septic shock caused by intestinal stenosis. It happened all of a sudden. She managed to live until the next day. But dear God, would you like to know what else is so freaky about the story?

She ended up dying in Rady Children's Hospital. In San Diego, CA. Where Super Bowl 22, in fact, took place just the day before!

Say It's a Coincidence All You Want, But There Are Way Too Many Variables for Anyone of Right Mind to Stick to That Mundane Sensibility. Seriously.

It does, in fact, lend to the supposed Poltergeist Curse everyone seems to talk about. The movie was cursed. Is cursed. Crazy cursed.

How in the Hell can there be a poster that just so happens to be of Super Bowl 22 in a film released in 1982, and the lead actress of the entire film suddenly gets sick on the day of that exact game and then dies in the exact same city?

It's crazy Nostradamus crap going on. Who's idea was it to use that damn poster in the movie anyway? Maybe it was a hidden message or a sign that O'Rourke was going to get sick on that day.... And then die in the same area on the following day.

Some spooky ghost sh*t.


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