SCARY HORROR STUFF: 3 Top "Misters" in Horror Media That Will Give You the Willies
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Thursday, September 6, 2018

3 Top "Misters" in Horror Media That Will Give You the Willies

Is it me, or does the title mister kinda carry with it that sort of "towering" darkness, like a tall stranger choking the light out of you as he stands clear over your head with a menacing look on his face? It could be any of the variations, too -- "Mr." or even the more professional "professor" or "doctor." Some kind of title before the name establishes a certain air of the character, which is why in mysteries and horror tales, whenever we see a character often referred to as "Mister Brooks" or "Mister Jones" or "Mister E." or "Mr. Boogie" or "Professor Moriarty" or "Doctor Sleep," chances are pretty damn good that....

These Freakin' MISTERS Are Probably the Villains, Right?

I would say so. You don't find a whole lot of misses or Mrs. attached to villains, although I'd find it refreshing to see such a character in a story. However, no one would disagree with me: if THE BABADOOK would ever try to be even scarier.... I'd exchange THE for MISTER. It lends more of a personality, which can draw you in to something even creepier than just an "entity" in a book, or a spell, or in the shadows.

That's just my opinion.

It's pretty fair to say, though, that we see quite a bit of the horror movie short in today's media featuring the whole "mister" thing, chilling to the bone with a sense of awe and intrigue about "what the Hell is this MISTER [insert creepy name] we keep hearing about????" and then we don't sleep at night.

So I took it upon myself to include the top three short films I happen to consider, well, chilling. For a lot of reasons. A sad, yet cool, stereotype. It makes me not want to ever be referred to as "mister." Just call me sir.

Just click each title, so you watch the suspense ooze from your eyeballs, mister.

Mr. Creak

Mr. Sticks

Mr. Thump

These Three Horror Characters Would Actually Make Quite the Crossover, Too!

And we've spoken about crossovers before.... Let's get in on this. I want to see a 3-way nightmare on-screen now. Let's go, misters.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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