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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Featured Poetry to Frighten the Edgar Allan Poe Out of You

We're in firm belief that while it's clear the horror genre's killing it, what with PARASITE winning a slew of Academy Awards (and Phoenix cleaning it up, too), there's room for love in the poetry section! So without further ado, mesmerize your mind with these words:


Like Moses to Pharaoh, you brought this on yourself,This charade of false shards of warped reflection,Speaking lies and a sense of knowing all and everything - Seems a bit redundant, this all and everything,When it's all about the heart of a child, the truth,The Way and the Life.


The paradigm of they who walk the earth -Eternal hunger walking with them all -Is immortality, a sacred call,Bestowed to them, a freedom singing mirth. But truly realize and know their worthAnd you will see by solitude, they fall -They waste away, their minds an endless hallOf never-ending doors of death's rebirth.


You'll never know true loss.Because you won't allow yourself to lose.Winning is(n't) everything.You can come here to pay respectsWith no real respect except a train wreckPainted with soft blue colors and brand names.Superficial and stupid superwoman. See my tears?They wash away any of my colors.Nothing but a mess,But at least I know it's a mess I can clean up.Every day.

Cold Betrayal

The infection of my section's injection Spreads stark sparks of winter's tale Tainted with frozen and fierce frailty - The gentle vibration of the cold. With burns beneath the skin, bluer than the...

Demons of Sorrow

They creep toward me with gnashing fangs and eyes of redReaping in me a fear of resentment, abandonment, and despair.All because of past grievances, gallows hanging forgotten memoriesBreaking their thin, unhealthy necks without any care.

The Jester

My existence is persistence in joy, wonder and imagination -But I somehow seem to forget my stationIn this solitude, quarantined it seemedFrom the monarchy of guffaws and jests and jeers,As if I'm not a true treasure,But a caged animal with false fears.


The stone has a story within stories of old,Ancient and bold with the whispers of wind in the coldButtressing Corinthian columns from top to bottomAs the echoes speak to each other in dark cornersAnd in heartless chambers even darker devils behold. You realize that all the transepts and naves behave and layBeyond reach for reasons unknown...

Dead Awakening

The gash was in good as I stood at the precipiceWith the choice - die, or live as the undead do,The virus virile in my veins and raping every inch of meSlowly, painfully, wickedly, wantonly and with nothing left of my body.

A Cold Christmas Night

Watch the sliver of that pain and hate of hearts of gold Bestowed upon the ages of old as they rode up on reindeer, Those mythological antlered beasts I very much fear. But I have my place in all of...

Death of the Damned

Hearken to the days of old like Harker in Hell As he fell into the darkness of Vlad gone mad At the children of the night and the sweet music they make. I am that legacy, the souls I take and break...

Kill the Envious Moon

As I ponder yonder of the horizon, my son, a cold sphere, appears To reveal and steal the darkness away with all the fears Of a frightened foe filled with woe and this canine curse - Disperse and...

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!