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Friday, May 1, 2020

May of the Dead: 19 New Horror Movies, TV Shows and Video Games to Terrify You This Month

Sit tight, horror fiends, because a new onslaught of scary movies, TV shows and video games are headed your way in May 2020! There’s no need to leave the house with this gaggle of ghosts, ghouls and monsters of all sorts by your side!

The nightmares kick off right away on May 1, when Get In premieres on Netflix. The French thriller from director Olivier Abbou (Madame Hollywood) tells the story of a family that returns from vacation to find squatters in their house, a situation that escalates to horrifying heights.

Also on May 1, Netflix premieres the New Zealand television series Reckoning, about two fathers, one of whom is a serial killer. And on Video On Demand (VOD), Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce (Deadheads) debut their new supernatural horror film The Wretched, about a teenaged boy trying to protect himself from the thousand-year-old witch living next door.

We may not be getting as many superhero movies as some folks hoped for this summer, but at least on May 5 you’ll see the new adventures of Justice League Dark! In the new DC animated film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, spooky superheroes like John Constantine, Zatanna and Swamp Thing have to stop one of the Justice League’s mightiest foes, Darkseid (voiced by horror luminary Tony Todd)! The film debuts on Blu-ray and DVD just a few weeks later, on May 19, if you want to add it to your physical media collection.

‘The Lodge’

Also on May 5, a film whose theatrical run was cut suddenly short arrives on home video: The Lodge, starring Riley Keough as a young woman trapped in a cabin with her new stepchildren, when mysterious and terrifying events transpire that make them question their sanity.

And gamers should fire up their consoles and PCs, because the new and already award-winning survival horror game Someday You’ll Return – about a father searching for his missing daughter in the eerie place he grew up – also debuts on May 5.

Never underestimate the power of a Shudder subscription! The horror-centric streaming service has new content debuting throughout May, including new episodes of The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs every Friday night and, on May 7, the premiere of the supernatural thriller Z. The latest film from director Brandon Christensen (Still/Born) tells the story of a family terrorized by their young son’s imaginary friend.

If that’s not enough of a Mother’s Day gift, head on over to Hulu the next day, May 8, for the latest episode of their horror movie anthology series Into the Dark. In the new installment Delivered, a young pregnant woman suspects that someone she knows has malevolent plans for her baby. Emma Tammi (The Wind) directs, and Natalie Paul (Mr. Mercedes) and Tina Majorino (Scorpion) co-star.


Meanwhile, over on VOD, May 8 also brings with it a special delivery of Porno! The new horror-comedy from Keola Racela tells the story of young movie theater employees who accidentally unleash a sexy succubus when they unearth a mysterious old movie in the basement.

Yup, there’s a lot of big things brewing. But also some Evil Little Things as well! The new horror anthology from Matt Green (Slaw) is a triptych of spooky stories about leprechauns, dolls and clowns, because dang it, people find those things pretty scary. Watch it May 12.

Back on Shudder, on May 14, the Korean creature feature Monstrum makes its debut. It’s a period piece about a land riddled with plague and, suddenly, a mysterious monster that’s also terrorizing the populace. And gamers should keep their eyes peeled on May 14 as well, because the fifth installment of Song of Horror finally arrives on PC that day. The title is, fittingly enough, Song of Horror – Episode 5: “The Horror and The Song.”

‘Those Who Remain’

And you might want to play Song of Horror quickly, because the very next day there’s already another new horror game available. Those Who Remain arrives on PC, PS4 and XBO on May 15, and it tells the story of a small town shrouded in darkness, where monsters stalk the shadows. Only by staying in the light can you survive!

Speaking of survival, the world has ended and the last vestiges of humanity all live on a gigantic train in Snowpiercer, a new television series based on the comic book Le Transperceneige and the acclaimed film adaptation by recent Oscar-winner Bong Joon-ho (Parasite). Jennifer Connelly (Alita: Battle Angel) and Daveed Diggs (Blindspotting) lead an impressive ensemble cast in a TNT television series about class warfare. It premieres on May 17.

May 21 brings with it another new Shudder premiere: Blood Machines, a new sci-fi “cosmic opera,” about a ghost in a literal machine, featuring music by Carpenter Brut (Turbo Killer). The psychedelic new project has eye-popping imagery, as we can already tell from the trailer, so it may be a priority for anyone looking for a spectacle.

‘Blood Machines’

The next day finds the release of the new supernatural thriller The Haunted, about a young woman hired to look after a dementia patient, whose first night on the job is plagued by spooky spirits.

Or, if you’d rather head out to the beach… stay home! The new video game Maneater debuts on PC, PS4 and XBO on May 22, and puts you in control of a vengeful and deadly shark!

And finally, back on Shudder, May 28 brings with it the debut of the new thriller Confessional, about mysterious deaths at a college campus, and a confessional booth that may be at the center of it all.

  • May 1st – Get In, Netflix
  • May 1st – Reckoning, Netflix
  • May 1st – The Wretched, VOD
  • May 1st (And Every Friday Night) – The Last Drive-in, Shudder
  • May 5th – Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, VOD
  • May 5th – The Lodge, DVD/Blu-ray/VOD
  • May 5th – Someday You’ll Return, Video Game
  • May 7th – Z, Shudder
  • May 8th – Into the Dark: Delivered, Hulu
  • May 8th – Porno, VOD
  • May 12th – Evil Little Things, VOD
  • May 14th – Monstrum, Shudder
  • May 14th – Song of Horror – Episode 5: “The Horror and The Song, Video Game
  • May 15th – Those Who Remain, Video Game
  • May 17th – Snowpiercer, TNT
  • May 21st – Blood Machines, Shudder
  • May 22nd – The Haunted, VOD
  • May 22nd – Maneater, Video Game
  • May 28th – Confessional, Shudder

Keep checking back at Bloody-Disgusting for more horror news and premiere announcements, because April was full of surprises and there’s no reason to suspect May won’t have a few as well!


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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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