Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Jay Baruchel Teases Upcoming Horror Projects and Dark Take on ‘Robin Hood’ He’s Developing

A brutal slasher film with something to say, Jay Baruchel‘s Random Acts of Violence (read Trace’s review) is now streaming on Shudder, ushering the actor/filmmaker into the horror genre with both style and substance. Playing out like a sort of indie New Nightmare, the film sees a horror writer’s slasher villain bleed over into the real world, asking intriguing questions about our collective fascination with all things dark and violent while also touching upon the ways in which art can both exploit and help us deal. It’s a thinking fan’s slasher movie, so to speak, and it suggests that Baruchel is a fresh and welcome new voice on the horror scene.

So what’s next from the creative mind behind Random Acts of Violence? Speaking with Bloody Disgusting’s The Boo Crew Podcast this week, Baruchel teases what he’s got in the works.

So I don’t know what I’m allowed to mention of the shit I’m allowed to mention… I’ve got a lot of stuff,” Baruchel told The Boo Crew when asked if he has any horror projects brewing. “It’s always feast or famine in any freelance work. And so it’s kind of, I can never put all my eggs in one basket at once. Right now it’s like, five or six things of varying degrees of maturation.”

He continued, “The thing I can maybe talk about, cause I’m the only one doing it right now; we have kind of our take on the Robin Hood story. There’s a really kind of heavy duty fucked up, trippy Robin Hood we want to do. No fucking castles. No horses. Just dirty and in the woods. If you go back to the original Robin Hood source material it’s really trippy shit.”

Baruchel went on to compare his vision of Robin Hood to First Blood and Taxi Driver, set in the woods, noting that the project is currently being developed with Karim Hussain.

You can listen to The Boo Crew’s full chat with Jay Baruchel below.


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