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Friday, October 2, 2020

10 Memorable Moments from “The Walking Dead” Season 10 Thus Far

It’s been a while since “The Walking Dead” has devoured our brains on the small screen. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the latter half of “The Walking Dead’s” content (including its season 10 finale and the premiere of spin-off show “World Beyond”) has been constantly delayed. With season 10 finally concluding its narrative storyline (minus the 6 bonus episodes recently announced) this upcoming Sunday, I figured now more than ever would be a good time to recap some of the greatest (and grisliest) moments of season 10 thus far. 

*Major Spoilers Below*

Michonne’s Lineup – “What We Become” Ep. 13

After being drugged by the backstabbing Virgil, Danai Gurira’s heroine Michonne endures a nostalgic and frightening trip through a twisted variation of her past. Taking us back to the moment Michonne found a disoriented Andrea after the farm horde in season 2, this scene takes an unfamiliar twist. Instead of saving the iconic character, Michonne leaves poor Andrew to the walkers. Alone and with her zombified pets, Michonne is then taken on board by the villainous Negan. During this theoretical timeline, Michonne ends up being the one to administer the grisly Lucille lineup that shocked audiences in season 7. To see such an iconic scene recreated from an entirely different perspective was not only intriguing but incredibly nostalgic. To cap things off, her drug-induced journey ends with none other than a hallucinatory Rick Grimes firing his revolver at her point blank. 

Princess’s Playground – “Look at the Flowers” Ep. 14

One of the strangest characters from Robert Kirkman’s iconic comic series finally joined the show in episode 14. While Eugene and a small crew of survivors journey through a small city they come across a block covered in decorated corpses. Princess has created her own zombie wonderland featuring grisly walkers adorned in all sorts of costumes and strange fashion. The light-hearted and playful visuals contrasted with the show’s morbid undertones, providing a refreshing blast of dark humor. 

Negan’s Fan Boy Takes Things Too Far – “What It Always Is” Ep. 5

In an excellent character driven episode, survivor Brandon is able to spend some one on one time with former villain Negan. While Negan has slowly been paving a new life for himself, Brandon hasn’t forgotten his intimidating past. Things take a turn for the worse when Brandon murders two innocent survivors (including a child) in an effort to impress the legend himself. Negan, in a striking moment of character development, brutally batters Brandon with a rock as punishment for what he did. For a character that has been generally less violent since his season 7/8 days, it sure was shocking to see Negan bashing in yet another head. Although in this case, he was doing it to protect the well-being of the other survivors from a clearly unsafe individual. 

Alpha is Beheaded – “Walk With Us” Ep. 12

Capping off an incredible performance from Samantha Morton as Whisperer Alpha, Negan shockingly killed his twisted lover in a scene directly lifted from the comics. After having an intimate conversation, Negan blind sides the Whisperer leader and slits her throat. The gruesome act was a perfect way to conclude the antics of one of the show’s most intense villains. Additionally, it was quite the awesome contribution to Negan’s character arc. In what other show does the previous season’s big bad end up killing the new big bad? 

The Battle of Hilltop – “Morning Star” Ep. 11

For a show that usually times its large battles/eventful sequences with season premieres or finales, it was quite surprising to see a massive battle play out in the back half of season 10. In a brutal faceoff between the survivors and the Whisperers horde, our favorite characters got to duke it out against a fiery backdrop. Each character is given several badass action shots, including the legendary Daryl Dixon slicing up walkers with a mace. The oil shooting technique displayed by the Whisperers was devilishly smart and added a new layer to what the survivors thought would be a simple battle.  

The Beach Showdown – “Lines We Cross” Ep. 1

Starting off season 10 with a bang, “The Walking Dead” gave fans an action-packed battle scene set on sandy shores next to a shipwreck. The survivors practice a battle formation against a small grouping of walkers. Each kill and attack showcases the show’s signature blood and gore. Notable dismemberments include a walker’s face being sliced off and landing in the ocean.

The Cave Scene – “Squeeze” Ep. 9

After Carol stupidly leads the crew into a trap within a treacherous cave, the survivors must figure out a way to get above ground while also dealing with an impending zombie horde. This episode as a whole has a lot of extremely suspenseful sequences involving near-death experiences for the survivors. It was refreshing to see a brand new type of setting integrated into the world of “The Walking Dead.” The claustrophobia is turned up to the max here, making the threat of a single walker feel tremendous. Jerry’s risky escape is definitely one of the most nail-biting moments of the season.

Beta Goes Full Slasher –  “Stalker” Ep. 10 

In an effort to attack Alexandria from the inside, Beta literally rises out of a grave connected to an underground tunnel leading into the survivors’ base. He then proceeds to go from house to house slaughtering people with a knife. There’s even a recreation of the classic Michael Myers shot where the camera tracks Beta through different windows as he continues his massacre. As an honorable mention, I’d like to point out that Beta carries around and worships a severed woman’s head similar to another big hulky slasher that sports a hockey mask. 

Negan Messes With the Whisperers – Season 10

While this isn’t necessarily one moment per se, the scenes involving Negan’s “training” with the season 10 antagonists are an absolute blast to watch. The contrasting attitudes and personas of  Negan, Alpha, and Beta make for some extremely entertaining scenarios. The Whisperers rely on fear, so what happens when their “victim” doesn’t fear them? Jeffrey Dean Morgan just has so much charisma. 

Dante Reveals His True Identity – “Open Your Eyes” Ep. 7

In one of the biggest twists of the season, Alexandrian doctor Dante reveals himself to be none other than a Whisperer spy. Dante has been tampering Alexandria’s water supply from the inside and is slowly closing in on survivor Siddiq. In a devastating final scene, Dante suffocates Siddiq, offing the character that Carl sacrificed his life for. 

“The Walking Dead” season 10 has been jam-packed thus far and it looks like we are in for a treat with this Sunday’s upcoming episode. What have you thought about this season?

Any predictions for this Sunday?


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