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Monday, December 28, 2020

The 10 Most Gruesome, Disturbing, and Stomach-Churning Moments in 2020’s Horror Movies!

Horror films seek to evoke fear in various ways; some opt for creeping dread and some for unbearable tension, while others employ jump scares. Some films seek to elicit a primal sense of disgust, leaving viewers recoiling in their seats from the disturbing imagery on screen. While horror tends to be subjective, even the most hardened horror fans are often not immune to this particular tactic. 

We’re talking the most cringe-inducing, stomach-churning aspects of horror that hit like a visceral gut punch. Some even test your gag reflex. You can bet 2020 brought more than a few memorable moments of gore, extreme violence, and oozy, fluid-filled scenes of grotesque horror. If it’s not already obvious, there will be spoilers in this article.

Here are the top 10 most gruesome horror movie moments of 2020.

Sea Fever – Eye Pop

When the captain of a fishing trawler disregards the Coast Guard and enters an exclusion zone, the crew and passengers find themselves stranded at sea thanks to a strange, giant organism that’s breached their hull. It emits a slime, which contains parasites that infect one of the crew members. The reveal of the parasites’ presence results in the film’s most shocking scene; after exhibiting bizarre behavior, Johnny (Jack Hickey) suddenly goes blind. His colleagues discover movement in his retinas upon inspection. That’s right when his eyes pop, splattering blood and small organisms everywhere; and spilling into their water supply.

The Beach House – Jellyfish Worm

A weekend getaway at the family beach house turns into a nightmare for young couple Emily (Liana Liberato) and Randall (Noah Le Gros) and their unexpected guests. Then nature starts to run amok, creating a series of increasingly unnatural occurrences. Left alone on the beach, Emily panics when guest Mitch (Jake Weber) wanders into the water to die. She steps on a jellyfish, and its sting releases a worm that wiggles inside her open wound. In an excruciatingly drawn-out sequence, Emily crawls back up to the beach house, digs into her flesh, and pulls out the squirming invertebrate. It’s as cringe-worthy as it sounds.

Impetigore – Dini’s Demise

Joko Anwar’s latest lives up to its title in terms of gore. The plot centers its mystery around a cursed village where babies are born without any skin. Down on her luck, Maya (Tara Basro) travels to the village with her best friend Dini (Marissa Anita) to claim an inheritance, unaware of the curse; or that the community wants to murder her to stop it. They catch Dini, mistaking her for Maya, and string her up for sacrifice in hopes of stopping the curse for good. Slashing her throat and letting her bleed out would make for a grisly end to any major character in horror, but the very next scene shows a village elder hanging up Dini’s skin to dry.

Scare Package – “Oh, that’s disgusting!”

This horror anthology runs the gamut in style, tone, and story thanks to a curated selection of filmmakers. Still, Chris McInroy’s segment “One Time in the Woods” wins the prize for Most Hilariously Disgusting. A group of campers gets interrupted by a crazed man promising death, only to witness him dissolve into a mass of flatulating goo and viscera. It’s only the beginning of a series of gruesome deaths and gross-out gags, building to one icky, tongue-in-cheek finale that will leave your stomach lurching. When even the pile of goo utters, “Oh, that’s disgusting,” you know you’re in for it.

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary – Fetus Fight

The Ghoulbusters had a relatively successful YouTube channel until monetization kicked in, leaving them desperate for a boost in popularity and clicks. So, they jump at the chance to investigate a case of Bloody Mary haunting a high school. The novice ghost-hunting foursome quickly realizes they’re in over their heads when things get deadly and insanely gory. Much of your enjoyment of this horror-comedy will hinge on whether you embrace its very puerile sense of humor. Emphasis on puerile. It shows most in its gore set pieces, like when the ghost possesses a turd from a toilet to unleash havoc, or, in the other grossest moment of the film. Bloody Mary hijacks a fetus in a specimen jar to attack one of the Ghoulbusters in the science lab, using its umbilical cord to choke out his life. The Ghoulbuster does the unthinkable; he chews through the cord. The white viscous fluid that erupts ensures your stomach should remain empty during this watch, and the fetus proceeds to beat that message to death with more obscene behavior. It may not introduce anything new, but boy, does this movie go hard on the ick factor.

Get In – Extreme Home Invasion

Paul and his family return home from their vacation to find that their house sitters refuse to leave, in this extreme twist on the home invasion thriller. Get In plays like a slow-mounting pressure cooker for much of the runtime as it focuses on Paul’s unraveling as he continues to fail his family. It erupts in one of the most disturbing finales, with an explosive showdown between Paul’s family, the squatters, and the lowlifes Paul turned to in weakness. The depravity and violence that ensues are sobering. French horror built its reputation for the extreme, and that proves true here as the invaders assault, torture, and murder anyone in their paths with anarchic glee. Much like the protagonist in Straw Dogs, Paul will have to give in to his darkest impulses to keep his family safe. But seeing what he’s up against- and their method of murder- makes this one that much more potent.

Possessor – Bloodbath opening

Picking the gnarliest moment in Possessor is a difficult task; you could make an entire list of the most memorable moments of gore from Brandon Cronenberg’s latest. So, it only makes sense to start with the insanely violent opening that sets the tone for the mind-bending insanity that ensues. Intercut with the opening credits, a woman (Gabrielle Graham) sticks a probe in her scalp. She then heads to a crowded upscale party, singles out her target, and stabs his throat with a knife. As blood gushes everywhere and the crowd flees screaming, she proceeds to stab him over and over again. The camera cuts to close-ups of the carnage and the blood pooling around her white sneakers. It’s graphic and insanely gory, uncut edition or not. Possessor is only getting warmed up, too.

The Mortuary Collection – Labor Pains

The second segment in this delightful horror anthology gives a subversive twist on the body horrors of pregnancy. Frat boy Jake uses sexual liberation and safety to woo the ladies, yet he secretly lies about using a condom with his latest conquest, Sandra. The next morning, he wakes to find her gone and a mysterious rash spreading along his skin. Even worse is that the doctor reveals that it’s not an STD; Jake is pregnant. The pinnacle gross-out moment comes when his fraternity raises him on a chair to celebrate his promiscuity, and his water breaks, dousing them all in thick white goo. It’s followed by a gruesome birthing scene, in which Sandra’s parents explain that the baby will come out “the same way it got in.” That makes this the second genital explosion to make the list this year… 

Porno – Exploded Testicles

Five teen employees at the local movie theater in a small Christian town get a sex education from Hell when they discover an old film reel hidden in the basement and free a succubus. After witnessing the succubus’s particularly nasty method of killing and that she uses their repressed feelings against them, the group tries their best to thwart her seduction. The keyword is “try.” Poor Heavy Metal Jeff (Robbie Tann) threatens to take her down with a baseball bat when she uses her wiles to arouse. The moment he gives in, she explodes his testicles, staining the crotch of his pants blood red. It’s enough to elicit sympathy pains, but director Keola Racela takes it ten steps further by having Jeff’s friends swoop in to stop the bleeding with a shoelace tourniquet. It’s getting intimate with Jeff’s eviscerated parts that sears itself into your skull.

Hunter Hunter – Deer Skinned

Everything about Shawn Linden’s film suggests your standard survival thriller. Devon Sawa stars as Joseph, a fur trapper living in the remote wilderness with his family. It quickly becomes apparent that this movie belongs to Camille Sullivan, who plays Joseph’s wife, Anne. When Joseph leaves to track a rogue wolf, Anne is forced to keep the family afloat. The task proves even more difficult with the discovery of an injured man, Lou (Nick Stahl). In the grimmest final act of the entire year, Anne realizes far too late that Lou is the rogue wolf Joseph was tracking and that her husband died in his hunt. After taking a brutal beating that renders her unconscious, she wakes to find her teen daughter brutally assaulted and murdered. Anna snaps, turning the tide on Lou and putting her new deer skinning skills to the test. It’s as bleak as it is cathartic, and it’s made even more shocking by the explicit gore of the scene; and the subsequent reveal that Lou lived through it.


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