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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Bloody Disgusting Honors the Best Horror of 2020: Here’s All of Our Year-in-Review Coverage!

In case you missed them…

Like we do every year, we finished out 2020 with a handful of articles covering our favorite horror things of the year, from movies to television shows, video games to poster art. Some of Bloody Disgusting’s top writers came together to celebrate the best in 2020 Horror, with BD’s head critic Meagan Navarro leading the pack with her Top 15 Horror Movies of 2020.

We realize content can easily get lost in the shuffle, particularly during the holiday season, so we wanted to round up all of those articles and put them in one place for easy browsing.

Find all of Bloody Disgusting’s “Best Horror of 2020” coverage below!

The Top 15 Horror Movies of 2020 – by Meagan Navarro

Choice Cut: ” Matching the glorious gore and intricate character/actor work is the slick production. Cold, slick sci-fi meets a Grand Guignol aesthetic in Possessor, and it’s stunning. That sterile coldness means it’s a little bit tougher to acclimate to this world and its detached characters, but it’s a must for fans of cerebral thrillers.”

The 10 Best Horror Video Games of 2020 – by Neil Bolt

Choice Cut: “The Last of Us Part II has some top tier horror set pieces (the Rat King!) and a richer interpretation of its post-apocalyptic world that make it a very involving journey through two warring perspectives.”

The 10 Best International Horror Films of 2020 – by Daniel Kurland

Choice Cut: “His House creates strong characters and upsetting scares, not to mention a fantastic twist, all of which point to a bright career ahead for debut filmmaker Remi Weekes.”

Brad Miska Highlights 10 Horror Films That Brought Him Joy in 2020

Choice Cut: “The dirty, dark and grimy found-footage-like camerawork in Underwater creates a constantly unnerving underwater atmosphere that only adds to the believability of the grandiose finale that can only be described as Lovecraft meets Cloverfield. It’s epic.”

The Top 15 Horror Movie Performances of 2020 – by Wesley Lara

Choice Cut: “Haley Bennett’s acting in Swallow captures emotional suppression frighteningly well and particularly her performance in the third act solidifies her as among the best that this year has to offer.”

The 10 Most Gruesome, Disturbing, and Stomach-Churning Moments in 2020’s Horror Movies – by Meagan Navarro

Choice Cut: “The second segment in the delightful horror anthology The Mortuary Collection gives a subversive twist on the body horrors of pregnancy.”

The 10 Coolest, Creepiest and Downright Best Horror Movie Posters of 2020 – by Meagan Navarro

Choice Cut: “Gretel & Hansel, Osgood Perkins’s reimagining of the classic fairy tale, injects a whole lot of style, and the poster art exemplifies that. The foreboding dark woods surround a peculiar, sharp-angled house, with the witch standing in the doorway, washed in a warm glow.”

2020’s Horror Television in Review: New Discoveries, Returning Favorites and Cancelled Gems – by Meagan Navarro

Choice Cut: “The year kicked off with a bold take on Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic Dracula, one not too interested in adhering faithfully to its source material. The feature-length, 3-episode run followed Dracula (Claes Bang) from his Eastern Europe origins to his battles with Van Helsing’s descendants and beyond. Dolly Wells threatened to steal the entire show as the feisty Sister Agatha Van Helsing, but the gore certainly helped quite a bit. If you thought you’d grown tired of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, this series shook things up in a surprising way.”

The Terrifying Sounds of 2020: The Top 10 Best Horror Soundtracks of the Year – by Xanthe Pajarillo

Choice Cut: “Instead of creating themes for each character in “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” The Newton Brothers represented the multiple storylines by using instruments suited to those time periods. Piano is the star, effectively dripping with nostalgia, longing and bittersweetness. It’s a perfect ode to the mood of this year.”

2020: How Horror Survived and Dominated a Horrifying Year – by John Squires

Choice Cut: “In many ways, 2020 was a year where horror showed the world what horror does best, not just enduring and thriving no matter the circumstances but also reflecting our current lives, troubles and experiences in a way that no other genre really can. And Rob Savage’s Host, filmed during the pandemic and released onto Shudder in the very early stages of that same pandemic, personified those qualities better than any other movie released this year.”


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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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