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Thursday, April 1, 2021

18 New Horror Movies and Shows Releasing in April 2021!

From demons to bigfoot, vampires and deadly viruses, here are some killer horror titles for you to check out this month.

The gruesome fun kicks off April 1st on Shudder with season two of Creepshow. Based on the 1982 show of the same name, viewers can expect an abundance of ghouls and bloody mayhem to be found in this anthology. 

Is it the Virgin Mary or a demon? That’s for you to find out in The Unholy. Out of the blue one day, a young girl finds herself with the ability to heal others. A journalist – played by The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan – strives to learn more about her, but begins to question her gifts when horrible things start happening. You can catch The Unholy in theatres April 2nd.

‘The Unholy’

Also coming April 2nd is The Oak Room. A drifter finds his way back to the remote Canadian town he grew up in; he heads to a bar and offers to settle an old debt with a bartender by telling him a story. If that already sounds a tad odd, things only get weirder as identities are confused and violence erupts. You can catch The Oak Room via theatres and on-demand.

Bigfoot versus a Wendigo? Sign me the hell up! In Dawn of the Beast, a group of friends find themselves trapped between these two creatures. Dawn of the Beast will be available on DVD and digital come April 6th

Taking place in 1974 London, The Power looks to be a chilling exploration into trauma. As Britain prepares for rolling blackouts, a lone nurse will end up having to confront dark fears and unnerving secrets. The Power will be available via Shudder come April 8th.


From its trailer alone, Them seems like a horrifying, Norman Rockwell painted nightmare. The show takes place during 1953, following the Emory family who move from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood. Things may look pleasant on the surface at first, but evil forces begin to invade the family’s lives. Them releases April 9th via Prime Video.

Fear the Walking Dead continues! Introducing new characters, the second half of season six also covers the impact that Virginia’s rule has had on each member of the group. You can catch the Fear on AMC April 11th.

Did you know Bloody Disgusting has a new movie coming out? Honeydew follows a young couple who take shelter in the home of an aging farmer and her son. It doesn’t take long for things to get weird, as the couple find themselves enduring unnerving hallucinations. Honeydew makes its arrival onto VOD and Digital HD April 13th.  


When evil spirits begin haunting a little girl and tormenting a family, a reverend and his wife end up having to confront their beliefs and seek out the help of a famous Occultist. With such a premise, The Banishing has a strong chance of being an interesting subversion of the demonic possession genre. You can catch it April 15th on Shudder.

Featuring the talented and delightful Barbara Crampton, Jakob’s Wife is a brand-new horror-comedy where Crampton’s character gets turned into a vampire! This may result in some awkward dinner conversation between her and her husband Jakob. In her SXSW review of the film, Bloody Disgusting writer Meagan Navarro says, “[…] the over-the-top gore, great soundtrack, and Crampton fully unleashed will be more than enough to please the midnight crowd looking for a gory time.” Jakob’s Wife releases April 16th in theatres and VOD.

After leaving her awful husband, Leah comes across and develops a special bond with a small cult whose goal is to end misogynistic culture. Through blood and crafty tactics, At Night Comes Wolves appears to be a riveting thriller. Coming to digital and on-demand April 20th.

Ever heard of an Abhartach? Neither have I until I found out about Boys from County Hell. An Abhartach is a legendary Irish vampire, and the source for protagonist’s Eugene’s troubles when ominous happenings begin taking place. You can learn more about this mystifying creature come April 22nd when Boys from County Hell arrives on Shudder. 

‘Mortal Kombat’

Based off the iconic video game franchise, it has been decades since the likes of Mortal Kombat has been adapted to the silver screen. Including a roster of fan favorite characters, the film promises to be full of supernatural martial arts violence. I know I have been obsessing over the “ice dagger” scene with Sub-Zero and look forward to seeing this April 23rd via HBO Max (also in theatres).

Bloodthirsty is looking to be one heck of an interesting werewolf story. Grey is an indie singer who has gotten pretty lucky when it comes to success. In preparation for her next album, she gets an invite to work with a notorious music producer; it is during their time together that Grey begins to see visions of wolves, her vegan appetite morphing into bloodier urges. It’ll be awesome to see what Bloodthirsty brings to the werewolf genre when it lands in select theatres and on-demand April 23rd.

One might say that the premise to In The Earth shares some similarities with our current reality. As humanity strives to find the cure for a major virus, a scientist and park scout make their way into a forest for a usual routine check. But what is meant to be casual turns into a nightmare, as the two individuals find themselves consumed by the forest, embarking on a journey of surreal darkness. In The Earth arrives in theatres April 23rd.

‘In the Earth’

A new anthology series heads to Shudder in the form of Deadhouse Dark. Each episode is tied to a woman who receives a box from the dark web – with each item inside revealing a sinister secret. With each story appearing to involve some sort of techno-related horror, Deadhouse Dark looks to provide a variety of scares. You can catch the show come April 29th

Divorce can be rough for kids, so why not throw in some evil toys to deal with as well. Separation is an interesting exploration into how divorce impacts children, but with an added fantastical horror twist. The film makes its debut in theatres April 30th.

A group of friends take a trip to an abandoned resort to learn more about its mysteries, specifically that of the disappearances that have taken place there and the existence of the so-called Half-Face Girl. Smart decision, am I right? Well at least it’ll be a rush for others to watch as the friends strive to survive against the terrors of The Resort. The film arrives April 30th on iTunes, Amazon, Microsoft Store, Google Play, and more for digital and download.

Please keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change. Have a delightfully creepy April and keep a look out for more updates from Bloody Disgusting all month long!


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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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