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Friday, November 12, 2021

10 Great Horror Titles You Can Stream on Tubi in November

Tubi dominates when it comes to selection, especially for the horror fan. The completely free streaming service, meaning no subscriptions or hidden fees, offers an insane selection for viewers with over 35,000 titles available. It’s a robust catalog of horror and Tubi covers just about every level of the genre — from the famous, mainstream titles to the obscure little gem awaiting discovery or rediscovery.

Follow them on Twitter to discover more #FreeLikeTubi viewing inspiration. Or, you can take a look below at ten horror titles we think you should stream this month. Whether you’re in the mood for food-based horror, horror-comedies to work off the calories, or movies to kick off your Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve got you covered — and, again, it’s almost all exclusively streaming for free on Tubi.

Rogue (2007)

Rogue stars Michael Vartan as travel journalist Pete McKell, on assignment in Northern Territory. He joins a group of tourists on a river cruise led by wildlife researcher Kate Ryan (Radha Mitchell). The tour goes swimmingly, but the group discovers a shipwrecked boat just as it’s winding down. It puts them directly in the path of a 25-foot man-eating crocodile closing in for dinner. Writer/Director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) crafts a lean, mean survival horror movie that uses simplicity to heighten the nail-biting tension.


From the outset, Feast presents an “anything goes” crass and raunchy attitude that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Except when it comes to the gore. Directed by John Gulager and written by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan, Feast assembles an eclectic bunch at a roadside bar then traps them there as deadly monsters descend. Characters get introduced via humorous archetype cards before quickly dispatching them in goopy, bloody ways. Gulager delivers a gruesomely over-the-top creature feature with its tongue firmly in cheek but with a breakneck speed and emphasis on practical effects and action.

Dead Sushi

Dead Sushi is a ridiculous, gory horror-comedy that could only be helmed by Noboru Iguchi, the mastermind behind splatstick movies The Machine Girl and Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead. That means you should know before you even hit play whether this type of wackiness will be for you. It’s zombie insanity set around a sushi restaurant. Expect flying sushi, rice vomiting, rice zombies, a fish-man, and more chaos to wreak havoc as sushi comes to life. It’s as silly and as wild as it sounds, promising a divisive time.

Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout

Maybe all the holiday feasting and snacking has you in the mood to exercise. If so, this campy blend of horror and fitness might offer inspiration or at least amusement. Horror stalwart Linnea Quigley connects horror-inspired workouts with clips from her horror movies. If you’re a huge Quigley fan or love the idea of zombies doing aerobics, this is for you.

The Eyes of My Mother

Nicolas Pesce’s feature debut blends the beautiful with disturbing with a serial killer origin story. Francisca (Kika Magalhaes) lives in isolation with her parents, but unspeakable tragedy leaves her irrevocably altered, at once shattering her and instilling unnatural curiosities. Pesce evokes sympathy for his killer, even as she commits gruesome acts of violence. Shot on black and white, The Eyes of My Mother makes for one stunning, audacious debut that sticks with you.

Even the Wind is Afraid (Hasta el viento tiene miedo)

This supernatural gothic chiller is directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada, one of Mexico’s most influential horror filmmakers of all time and a national treasure. An all-girl boarding school is haunted by a former student seeking revenge from the grave, and the paranormal activity reaches a fever pitch during spring break. It’s an eerie ghost story that’s well crafted and heavy on atmosphere, making for a great entryway into Taboada’s work. 

Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker

Tubi offers every sequel entry in this yuletide horror franchise, giving you the option for a marathon. But if you only have time for one, then opt for part five, The Toy Maker. Mickey Rooney stars as the titular character, creating toys that come to life and murder their new owners. It’s as wacky as it sounds, with an unhinged Rooney and a variety of homicidal playthings. If you want to get a head start on your holiday horror viewing, well, bring the popcorn with this one.

Alison’s Birthday

Written and directed by Ian Coughlan, this 1981 Australian folk horror movie centers around the 19th birthday of Alison (Joanne Samuel). Despite warnings from beyond the grave, the teen returns home to attend the party her family throws for her, but the days leading up to it prove nightmarish. It’s a Pagan conspiracy afoot, and an unwitting Alison is the target. It’s up to her boyfriend, Pete, to uncover the truth and save her before it’s too late. This folk horror is of the slow burn variety, but its mythology and Druid conspiracy engage as it builds to an unforgettable finale.

I, Madman

The plot follows an L.A.-based bookseller with a significant affinity for pulp horror novels. When Virginia (played by Near Dark’s Jenny Wright) starts reading the work of mysterious author Malcolm Brand, the lines between fiction and reality grow increasingly blurred. And deadly. Randall William Cook plays antagonist Malcolm Brand/Dr. Alan Kessler, as well as handling the special effects and stop motion animation. A supernatural slasher with a pulp twist, I, Madman remains one of the more underappreciated ’80s horror movies.

Scream 4

A book tour brings Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) home to Woodsboro, where she reconnects with old friends and family but finds the Ghostface Killer returning once more to resume his slaughter. Craven once again proved himself well ahead of the curve with his musings on social media and being internet famous. For fans of the series, it checked off all the major boxes, too. Suspense, humor, meta dissections of the subgenre, and a genuinely likable group of characters. Justice for Kirby! It’s always a great time to revisit this franchise, but a new movie on the way makes a great excuse to catch up this holiday season.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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