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Thursday, March 17, 2022

‘All My Friends Are Dead’ – ‘Saw VI’ Director Sins With Cinedigm and ‘Happy Death Day’ Producer

Cinedigm, the company behind the Bloody Disgusting-powered SCREAMBOX, is taking a stab at the seven deadly sins with All My Friends Are Dead, which will be directed by Saw sequel filmmaker Kevin Greutert.

The film tells the tale of a group of close college friends who get a great deal on a killer Airbnb for the biggest music festival of the year. A weekend of partying quickly takes a turn for the worse, as the group is murdered one by one.

They soon discover that each death directly corresponds to one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Greutert has directed several horror films from Saw VI and Saw: The Final Chapter to Jessabelle, Visions, and Jackals. He also edited the first five Saw films not to mention Bryan Bertino’s widely coveted The Strangers.

All My Friends Are Dead is the first in a 10-picture, $15M slate deal between Cinedigm and Roundtable Entertainment, and will be produced by Happy Death Day‘s John Baldecchi, and executive produced by Dominic Ianno (Soul Surfer), with Ingenious Media providing production funding.

More info from the press release:

Multi-platform producer Roundtable Entertainment and the leading independent streaming company Cinedigm have inked a broad-ranging strategic partnership that will include co-financing and co-owning the IP of original films to be distributed domestically on Cinedigm’s OTT networks and on other third-party streaming platforms. The partnership also plans to launch multiple high profile enthusiast streaming channels together that will leverage Cinedigm’s streaming expertise and capabilities including the proprietary Matchpoint technology. To further align the companies, Cinedigm is taking a minority shareholder position in Roundtable Entertainment. In addition, Erick Opeka, Cinedigm’s President and Chief Strategy Officer, will be taking a seat on Roundtable’s Board of Directors, joining President & CEO Dominic Ianno, Robert Norton and James Fields of Klingenstein Fields Advisors.

Ianno stated, “In today’s competitive marketplace, Cinedigm is uniquely positioned as a cutting edge next-generation streamer focused on youth markets to bring top-tier digital distribution and monetize these exciting movies. Cinedigm’s financial strength, distribution muscle and technology leadership will allow us to efficiently and profitably make movies and launch streaming channels together for many years to come. Expect further announcements regarding our streaming channel partnership with Cinedigm soon.”

Cinedigm Chairman and CEO Chris McGurk stated, “Roundtable’s established creative relationships, IP development expertise and co-financing abilities are the perfect complement to Cinedigm’s core distribution strengths. This partnership will produce premium content and launch high profile branded enthusiast streaming channels to further expand Cinedigm’s high-growth and rapidly-expanding streaming business in a low cost, capital-efficient and high return manner.”

Opeka added: “Our partnership will leverage the best that both companies have to offer, providing Cinedigm with a steady pipeline of quality genre films and additional channels while maximizing return on investment.”

Baldecchi, Roundtable Entertainment’s Head of Scripted, stated “We are thrilled to be partnering with Cinedigm. This well-structured slate of efficiently budgeted and high-impact films targeting specific genres were chosen for its youth and commercial appeal and packaged to find success with a global audience. Having access to the Cinedigm library to source future IP will also help build value for both companies in a cost-effective manner.”

The 10 picture slate deal was negotiated by Yolanda Macias, Chief Content Officer at Cinedigm, and Interim Chief Business Officer Robert Norton on behalf of Roundtable.

More films are on the horizon.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!