Monday, August 15, 2022

Lionsgate’s ‘Fall’ Scares Up $2.5 Million in Theaters While ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Pulls in $3 Million

This past weekend brought two brand new horror movies up onto the big screen, with Lionsgate’s Fall and A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies opening in relatively wide release.

First up, Lionsgate’s vertigo-inducing Fall landed in the #10 spot on the domestic box office charts, the film opening in 1,548 theaters and scaring up $2.5 million over the weekend.

In Fall, For best friends Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), life is all about conquering fears and pushing limits. But after they climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower, they find themselves stranded with no way down. Now Becky and Hunter’s expert climbing skills will be put to the ultimate test as they desperately fight to survive the elements, a lack of supplies, and vertigo-inducing heights.”

Lionsgate released Fall in theaters with a PG-13 rating to allow for a larger audience, the film cleverly reduced from its original “R” rating by the studio removing several F-bombs.

Deadline explains, “The firm, called Flawless, launched last year to specialize in foreign-language “vubbing,” for visual dubbing, which uses artificial intelligence to subtly shift lip and facial movements to match words spoken. But in Fall, its first project, the urgency was around English-language expletives by English-language actors during a stressful high-altitude shoot in the middle of Covid. Costly reshoots weren’t an option, nor really were cuts.”

At this time, a home video release date for Fall has not been announced.

As for A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, the film went from six theaters last weekend to 1,290 theaters this weekend, coming in at #8 on the domestic chart and making $3.25 million.

A24’s latest will expand into even more theaters this coming weekend.

In the murder-mystery horror movie, “When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game turns deadly in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong.”

Halina Reijn directed Bodies Bodies Bodies for A24, written by Kristen Roupenian, Sarah DelappeChloe Okuno (V/H/S/94, Watcher), Joshua Sharp, and Aaron Jackson.

The cast for Bodies Bodies Bodies includes Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson, Rachel Sennott, Myha’la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, and Lee Pace.

Jordan Peele‘s third horror movie Nope, meanwhile, moved down to the #5 spot on the domestic charts over the weekend, adding an additional $5.3 million to its total thus far.

Nope is currently standing at $107.5 million domestically, making it Jordan Peele’s third movie to pass the $100 million mark. The international rollout of the film is currently underway.

At this time, Nope’s worldwide total is now $113.9 million.

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