Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Halloween Events and More in Latest Updates for ‘The Walking Dead: All-Stars’

Com2uS Holdings and Skybound Entertainment have released a series of updates for their mobile collection RPG The Walking Dead: All-Stars to bring fans new thrills and chills for the Halloween season. The new updates include an obligatory Halloween-themed town, as well as limited-time events to receive exclusive skins and rewards, a new Total War community-based mode, and new characters in Henry and Yumiko from The Walking Dead comics.

The Town area has been decorated for Halloween, with players now able to dress up Abraham with Wild Rider, an exclusive new skin. Meanwhile, Henry is a character created exclusively for the game, capable of attacking multiple enemies by throwing balloons filled with red paint into the air and popping them with a basic shooting attack. He also has the ability to speed up allies’ attacking speed and to increase a possibility of allies’ critical strike rate as a supporter.

Yukmiko also joins the roster of available characters as an epic-class character. She’s a bystander in alignment and a ranger class who uses a bow as her main weapon. She can fire three hazardous arrows three times in a row, which is useful for both long-range and short-range attacks. Her attacking skills include basic piercing arrow attack, poisoned arrow attack, and ambush assassinations that deals major damage to the weakest opponents.

As for the new mode, Total War, players can team up with fellow survivors to defeat a powerful plunderer and earn ranking rewards, such as Conduct Manual. Players ranking from 1st to 50th place in the event will receive the title of the highest level, Challenger, and earn Gold Bars as rewards.

There’s also Survival Record, which you can obtain by clearing Stage 19-4 in the World and receive rewards such as Skill Manual by exploring the Survival Record 1-9. In addition, Personal Gear for bystander characters will be made available. Personal Gear is an item unique to the character, and characters who are in legend level or higher can possess it. It can be strengthened using special materials, and various additional abilities can be obtained depending on the level of enhancement.

Lastly you have the Seasonal Events, which take place from November 2nd to 15th. Players can participate in Kyla’s Battle Group Test – a series of PvP battles, and receive tokens that can be exchanged for Overseer/Warlord characters or Henry’s chat emoji. Players can also receive gifts through Halloween Login Event, Town Management, 14-Day Survival Support Event, and Attendance Book, which requires players to log in for seven days to receive items useful for character growth, such as Gold Bars, and Normal Recruit Ticket to get more characters.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android.

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