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Friday, December 23, 2022

5 of This Week’s Coolest Horror Collectibles Including Brand New ‘Terrifier 2’ T-Shirts

Killer Collectibles highlights five of the most exciting new horror products released each and every week, from toys and apparel to artwork, records, and much more.

Here are the coolest horror collectibles unveiled this week!

Bones and All Blu-ray from Warner Bros.

A late contender for one of the most affecting horror films of the year, Bones and All will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on January 31 via Warner Bros. Unfortunately, no special features are listed for the cannibal drama.

Luca Guadagnino (Suspiria, Call Me by Your Name) directs from a script by David Kajganich (Suspiria), based on Camille DeAngelis’ 2015 novel of the same name. Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet star with Mark Rylance, Michael Stuhlbarg, André Holland, Chloë Sevigny, David Gordon Green, and Jessica Harper.

Terrifier 2 Shirt from Terror Threads

Art the Clown has cemented his place as a modern horror icon, so it’s to be expected that he’s the focal point of most merchandise, just like Michael, Jason, and Freddy before him. That said, I’m pleased that formidable final girl Sienna is front and center on Terror Threads’ design by Toto6.

The artwork is available on T-shirts for $24.99, long sleeves for $44.99, and 18×24 posters for $24.99. Pre-orders close on Monday and will ship by January 31. Terror Threads’ Terrifier 2 collection also features three other shirts plus two enamel pins (including one of Sienna!).

Decision to Leave Blu-ray from Mubi

It’s hard to keep up with the abundance of streaming services. Did you know the new Park Chan-wook’s (Oldboy, Stoker) film, Decision to Leave, is streaming exclusively on Mubi? If you missed it, it’s coming to Blu-ray on January 10.

Chan-wook directs the South Korean romantic mystery thriller from a script he co-wrote with frequent collaborator Jeong Seo-kyeong (The Handmaiden, Lady Vengeance). Tang Wei and Park Hae-il star.

Special features include an introduction by Wei and Hae-il; an interview with Chan-wook; a festival discussion with Chan-wook; a making-of featurette; a Cannes behind-the-scenes featurette; and a VFX reel.

Godzilla & Mothra Pops from Entertainment Earth

I know Funko Pops are trite at this point, but these blacklight version of Godzilla and Mothra look undeniably cool. Moreover, this is Mothra’s Funko debut, so more Toho kaiju could be on the way. Due out in March, these magnificent monsters are available exclusively at Entertainment Earth for $13.99 each.

The House That Screamed Blu-ray from Arrow Video

The House That Screamed will be released on Blu-ray on March 7 via Arrow Video. Previously put out by Scream Factory back in 2016, the new edition boasts a new 2K restoration with original lossless mono audio.

Said to be an influence on Suspiria, the 1969 effort was Spain’s first major horror production. Narciso Ibáñez Serrador (Who Can Kill a Child?) writes and directs. Lilli Palmer, Cristina Galbó, John Moulder-Brown, and Mary Maude star.

Both the 105-minute uncut version (under the title The Finishing School) and the 94-minute US cut are included, along with a reversible cover (new art by Colin Murdoch and the original key art), a double-sided poster, and a booklet.

Special features include an audio commentary by critic Anna Bogutskaya; interviews with actors John Moulder-Brown and Mary Maude, original author Juan Tébar, the director’s son, Alejandro Ibáñez, and Spanish horror expert Antonio Lázaro-Reboll; and more.

For more merch madness, peruse the Killer Collectibles archives. You can also visit Broke Horror Fan.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!