Thursday, March 30, 2023

Free “Against All Odds” Update for ‘World War Z: Aftermath’ Adds New Maps, Weapons and More [Trailer]

Just because Saber Interactive is focused on Evil Dead: The Game doesn’t mean that World War Z fans are being left out. In addition to teasing a new update for Evil Dead: The Game, Saber Interactive has released has released the free “Against All Odds” update for World War Z: Aftermath.

Available now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC, this latest update adds a host of fresh content, including new “Jerusalem” and “New York” Horde Mode maps, seven new mutators for Challenge Horde Mode, and a new melee weapon in the baton. The Against All Odds update also adds for the first time the ability to play as any character in all PvE episodes. AI party members have also been improved and can now use heavy weapons when playing alongside you.

There are also two new paid DLC packs are available in the Deadly Vice Weapon Skin Pack and Rat Packs Weapon Skins Bundle. Each DLC is available for $4.99, and contains four weapon skins.

As an extra bonus for World War Z: Aftermath players on PC, Xbox Series, and Xbox One, you can unlock a bonus in-game weapon skin and exclusive collectible trinket by registering on PROS (Prism Ray Online Services). PROS is a new platform powering online services for select upcoming games from Saber Interactive and a variety of other game providers. In addition to Aftermath, the service will also be used by the upcoming Dead Island 2.

World War Z: Aftermath is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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