Thursday, March 30, 2023

New ‘Hunt: Showdown’ Update “The Ward of the Reptilian” Available Now [Trailer]

Fresh from its fifth anniversary celebrations, Crytek has dropped another big update for their tactical PvPvE FPS Hunt: Showdown. The 1.12 update brings with it “The Ward of the Reptilian”, which in addition to the usual bug fixes and improvements, adds two questlines with all-new rewards, and dramatically improves the new player onboarding experience with two bonus tutorials.

The first main questline, the eponymous “The Ward of the Reptilian”, is available March 29 through May 1, which will be followed by “Vengeance of the Skinned”. Both questlines offers new activities and valuable rewards to earn across six acts, including new weapon variants, Legendary equipment, and more. In addition, players can complete quests within questlines together for the first time. This means that other team members can now contribute to each other’s progress during a match. For example, if your quest is to “Kill enemy Hunters,” your teammate’s kills will also count towards completing the quest.

Update 1.12 also adds a new Wildcard Contract option which, when selected, allows Hunters to join a queue of other players who wish to hunt in the bayou during the Night Time of Day.

Lastly, for those looking to get acquainted with Hunt: Showdown, there are new tutorials to help ease you into the game. The Basic Tutorial explains Hunt‘s core mechanics, including controls, gunplay, monsters, and more. Upon first completion, players will receive a Tier 1 Hunter, as well as the rewards earned during the tutorial. Players can then go on to complete the Advanced Tutorial or access it separately later. In the Advanced Tutorial, Hunters will find a clue to locate a boss, then fight and banish it before extracting with their reward.

Hunt: Showdown is available now on PC via Steam, as well as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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