Thursday, April 6, 2023

‘Paws’ – ‘Holy Shit!’ Filmmaker Lukas Rinker Directing Polar Bear Horror Movie!

Fresh off this year’s bloody and disgusting horror movie Holy Shit! – now streaming on SCREAMBOX – director Lukas Rinker has set up a brand new horror movie titled Paws.

Variety reports, “Neopol Film, a production company based in Frankfurt, and Munich-based sales agency The Playmaker have teamed for a second time with writer and director Lukas Rinker, following their collaboration on his debut feature, black comedy Holy Shit!

Rinker teases, “Being trapped on an ice-field with no help in sight, freezing temperatures and a looming hungry monster – seemed very horrifying to me. And from the bears’ perspective, having your habitat exploited and melted away, with nothing you can do against those greedy intruders, is horrific. Then there’s the climate angle. Horror all around!”

He also suggests the film’s bears will be animatronic rather than computer-generated!

“The film centers on young scientist Nook, who’s on board a research ship in the Arctic. Reformed oil billionaire Fox is funding the crews’ efforts to fight climate change. Just when Nook learns that Fox’s interest is not so much in saving the planet but exploring and claiming fresh oil fields, their ship crashes.

“The crew search an abandoned Russian ghost-ship looking for a radio, but uncover a horrific threat: Inside the rusty trawler a monstrous polar bear mother has been trapped with her cub. Not only will the animal defend her nest but has grown very hungry and will seize the opportunity to feed on the survivors.

“Meanwhile, Fox begins to drill for oil and sees Nook as a threat to his business. Nook radios for help, but only a squad of Russian mercenaries return her call, and they are also interested in the oil.”

The project is being pitched at the upcoming Frontières market. Loredana Rehekampff and Andreas Schmied will co-produce the film for Austria’s Samsara Filmproduction.

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