Friday, April 28, 2023

‘Scream VI’ Finishes Box Office Run With Right Around the Same Total as the Original Classic

The Radio Silence-directed Scream VI has now been playing in theaters for well over a month, but with the film now available to watch at home, its box office run is coming to an end.

The good news? Scream VI surpassed the impressive box office totals for last year’s franchise relaunch. In fact, Scream VI came THIS CLOSE to even beating the original classic.

As of this writing, Scream VI has a domestic box office total of $107.8 million, with a worldwide total of $168.6 million. For the sake of comparison, the domestic total for Scream 2022 was $81.6 million, while the worldwide total was $137.7 million. And if those numbers were high enough to spawn another sequel, well, it’s probably safe to say Scream VII is a guarantee.

But let’s hold that thought for now, as nothing has been officially announced.

How does the box office total for Scream VI compare to Wes Craven’s original Scream? Keeping in mind that Scream‘s 1996 numbers are unadjusted for inflation, the original classic still has the highest worldwide total of the entire franchise. Back in 1996, Scream finished its run with $103 million domestically and $173 million worldwide, and again those numbers have not been adjusted for 25+ years worth of inflation. So while it’s somewhat deceiving to say Scream VI has made as much money as the original classic, the official numbers on the books do show that Scream VI‘s domestic total passed Scream‘s domestic total ($107 million vs. $103 million), while Scream (1996) still has the highest worldwide total ($173 million vs. $168 million).

As of this week, Scream VI is still playing on around 600 screens across the United States, and it’s been roughly pulling in an additional $40,000 per day throughout this week.

When can we expect Scream VII to be announced? Stay tuned…

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