Wednesday, May 3, 2023

‘Cloverfield 2’? – The Viral SLUSHO Website Has Returned to Life…

Announced back in September of last year, the Cloverfield franchise is returning to life with a brand new movie that MIGHT finally be an official sequel to the 2008 found footage movie rather than another in-universe spinoff project, but what’s the latest on the mysterious movie?

Our friends over at Slash Film bring us the exciting news today that the in-universe Slusho website has officially come back online this week, suggesting that the viral marketing campaign for “Cloverfield 2” is beginning to take shape. Slusho is a fictional drink within the Cloverfield Universe, and the website was part of the original movie’s epic ARG campaign.

“You can’t drink just six” is the tagline for the fictional brand, and over on the website you’re invited to create your own Slusho mixture using different flavors including:

  • Blueberry Zoom
  • Chocolate Rage
  • Banana Anime
  • Strawberry Tasty

Cloverpedia reminds, “The Slusho! drinks are classic Slush beverages with the special ingredient of Seabed’s Nectar, giving it a highly addictive quality. It is claimed by the company that the addition of the Seabed’s Nectar also makes it extremely healthy. The History section of the official Slusho! site claims the ingredient was “discovered on the deep ocean floor, under amazing pressure and extreme cold”, perhaps giving it some relation to the monster or more specifically the parasites as one of the quotes in the Happy Talk section says “Slusho! makes my stomach explode with happiness!”. It is presumed that the mass extraction of the seabed nectar from the ocean floor is a major reason that caused the creature to arise from the ocean.”

There’s not much to do on the website beyond creating these flavor mixtures at the moment, but we’re thinking this is only the beginning of the Cloverfield saga’s viral return…

It’s been 15 years since the found footage film Cloverfield brought a giant monster into New York City, the 2008 film subsequently spawning a loosely connected universe of movies that has thus far included the excellent 10 Cloverfield Lane and the not-so-excellent The Cloverfield ParadoxBabak Anvari (Under the Shadow, Wounds) is directing the brand new Cloverfield movie for Paramount, with Joe Barton being hired to write the script. Is it a sequel? Another spinoff? Early reports indicated the former, but we haven’t heard a peep since then.

Up to this point, Cloverfield “sequels” have essentially been unrelated movies with loose ties to director Matt Reeves’ 2008 movie, with The Cloverfield Paradox explaining that a rip in the space-time continuum spilled all kinds of monsters out into all kinds of different timelines. And, well, that’s pretty much been the loosely defined “Cloverfield Franchise” thus far, the follow-up films taking a “it’s not a Cloverfield movie… until it is… sort of” approach.

J.J. Abrams is producing for Bad Robot, along with Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen. Bryan Burk, Matt Reeves, and Drew Goddard will executive produce.

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