Tuesday, May 30, 2023

New Trailer and Details Emerge for ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’, Due Out Later This Year [Watch]

Yeah, we’re all psyched for the Silent Hill 2 remake. But what about the big collaboration involving Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Games, Genvid and DJ2 Entertainment with Silent Hill: Ascension? Wonder no more, as Genvid Entertainment and Konami Digital Entertainment have dropped a new trailer and info for the upcoming interactive streaming series coming later this year.

Silent Hill: Ascension follows multiple main characters from locations around the world tormented by new and terrifying monsters from the world of Silent Hill. Lurking in the shadows, these monsters threaten to consume people, their children, and entire towns as they’re drawn into the darkness by both recent murders and long suppressed guilt and fears.

In Silent Hill: Ascension, the actions of millions will determine the outcome. That’s right, not even the project’s creators know how the series will end. Instead, the character’s fates are in the audience’s hands.

Ascension features “an extensive ensemble” of intricately developed new characters, monsters and locations in the Silent Hill universe. The series features a fresh, unnerving narrative using Genvid’s real time interactive system that enables millions of people to help characters survive and change those characters’ fates.

Silent Hill: Ascension will captivate audiences with its immersive experience, spotlighting stunning visuals and live community-driven moments, all while exploring the psychological horror that has made the Silent Hill series so beloved by fans worldwide,” said Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid Entertainment. “By participating in Silent Hill: Ascension you will leave your legacy in the canon of Silent Hill. And, in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment, Bad Robot Games and Behaviour Interactive, we’re offering fans the unique chance to become part of the story themselves.”

Genvid – in conjunction with partners Konami Digital Entertainment, Bad Robot Games and Behaviour Interactive – will reveal more details on Ascension in the coming months. You can keep up to date for now via Ascension’s official site.

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