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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Ten Noteworthy Genre Movies to Stream at Home in May 2023

It’s a brand new month, which means new titles have arrived on various streaming platforms. This month brings the potential for hidden gems in the form of international titles, obscure horror darlings, and new releases to your favorite streaming platforms.

Here are ten noteworthy horror titles available for streaming in May 2023 on some of the most popular streaming services, along with when/where you can watch them.

The Ancestral – SCREAMBOX

'The Ancestral' - SCREAMBOX Brings Haunting Twists and Turns!

This haunter hails from the director of Furie and The Princess, Le-Van Kiet. In the film: “After suffering a family tragedy, a widower moves his two daughters to a centuries-old ancestral home. When both daughters fall prey to sleep paralysis and night terrors, their father seeks the help of a local psychologist. These chilling secrets and frightening visions eventually prove that not everything is what it seems in the old family house.”

Livid – Shudder


Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s follow-up to the brutal horror film Inside remains elusive, so don’t miss it on Shudder this month. Lucie is an at-home nurse, and the last stop on her roster is a remote mansion inhabited by bedridden recluse Mrs. Jessel. Mrs. Jessel is rumored to have a treasure hidden on the property, so Lucie and her friends sneak in on Halloween night to steal it. Instead, they find a night full of unexpected terror, and Maury and Bustillo deliver a fun entry into fantasy horror. Look for fun homages to Halloween III: Season of the Witch. It’s gorgeous and creepy and offers a unique take on a tried-and-true horror staple.

Death’s Roulette – Paramount+ (May 5)

Deaths Roulette

This thriller offers a deadly game for unwitting players. Seven strangers wake in a remote mansion and discover they’re part of a twisted game. “They will have 60 minutes to choose one person to die; otherwise, all of them will be murdered. As the clock ticks down, the most lurid secrets will come to light, and they’ll discover they are all connected by a dark past.” The Spanish-language film stars Manolo Cardona in his directorial debut, based on the script “La Terminal de Frank Ariza.”

Poison for the Fairies – Shudder (May 8)

Poison for the Fairies

Horror director Carlos Enrique Taboada is regarded as a national talent in cinema and one of the most influential; his work is reflected in Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone. Poison for the Fairies follows a young girl who convinces her schoolmate that she’s a witch, forcing the girl into a series of increasingly violent and nasty games. The slow build gothic horror culminates in one unforgettable, haunting finish. Don’t miss this rare gem that’s been challenging to find in the U.S. for a very long time.

Project Wolf Hunting – SCREAMBOX (May 15)

Project Wolf Hunting

One of the year’s goriest heads to SCREAMBOX. Don’t miss the splatterfest that plays like Con Air meets Jason Takes Manhattan and Predator. In the film, “During transport from the Philippines to South Korea, a group of dangerous criminals unites to stage a coordinated escape attempt. As the jailbreak escalates into a bloody, all-out riot, the fugitives and their allies from the outside exact a brutal terror campaign against the special agents onboard the ship.”

Slash/Back – Hulu (May 18)


It’s up to Maika (Tasiana Shirley) and her friends to save their arctic hamlet of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, when they discover an alien invasion. Maika and pals gather their collective knowledge of horror movies and makeshift weapons, giving the aliens a fight for their lives. The aliens may be dangerous, but you don’t underestimate the girls of Pang. Nyla Innuksuk’s feature debut brings the genre fun, a gorgeous setting, and spirited leads worth rooting for in a delightful alien romp.

Consecration – Shudder (May 19)

Jena Malone

Photo Credit: Courtesy of IFC Midnight. An IFC Midnight Release.

The latest from director/writer Christopher Smith (Black Death, Triangle) stars Jena Malone as a woman determined to uncover the truth behind her brother’s alleged suicide at his convent. She arrives in Scotland to discover the nuns cold and unwelcoming, though she finds aid through investigator Harris (Thoren Ferguson) and Father Romero (Danny Huston). The further into her search, the more the visions and ghostly encounters ramp up, along with the realization that the convent may unlock a disturbing secret from Grace’s past. The conspiracy that unfolds may come with familiar scare tactics, but Malone’s performance and ambitious themes offer a compelling mystery (our review).

Influencer – Shudder (May 26)


A social media influencer finds more than she bargained for when she meets a free-spirited stranger while backpacking in Thailand. Co-written and directed by Kurtis David Harder, the mind behind 2019’s Spiral. We’re thinking Influencer will likely come with a hefty dose of dread.

Tin & Tina – Netflix (May 26)

Tin & Tina

Something is wrong with the children. Desperate to have children, Lola and her husband Adolfo adopt siblings Tin and Tina, albino children with an ultra-Catholic education. So much so they can quote the bible verbatim. Tin and Tina’s obsession with religion threatens to turn the new family upside down and test their sanity. The feature directorial debut by Rubin Stein teases psychological torment and violence ahead for the new parents.

Violent Night – Prime Video (May 26)

Violent Night

‘Violent Night’

Violent Night introduces Santa Claus (David Harbour) as a cynic drowning his frustrations in booze at a bar on Christmas Eve. Then he crosses paths with Trudy (Leah Brady), a sweet girl caught up in an intense hostage situation. This Christmas, Santa gets violent when it comes to his naughty list. Director Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow) infuses his gore-soaked sense of humor into an amalgamation of familiar holiday fare, ushering a new crowd-pleasing Christmas-set actioner that’s more than willing to splatter the snow blood red.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!