Tuesday, August 29, 2023

‘Antarctica’ – Top Cow’s Hit Sci-Fi Comic Gets Greenlit for Ongoing Series

Top Cow Productions, Inc., the company behind Haunt You to the End, announced this morning that their acclaimed sci-fi miniseries Antarctica has received “ongoing series” status and will embark on a new story arc described as The Fugitive meets The Cabin in the Woods.

Antarctica, by award-winning screenwriter Simon Birks (Hexes, Gone, Robyn) and Willi Roberts (Black in the Dark, ReMothered), followed “the journey of a young engineer named Hannah, whose life imploded the day her father failed to return from the secretive Smith-Petersen Research Station in Antarctica. Alone and on the street, she’s at her lowest ebb when a friend offers help. Retrained as an engineer, Hannah secures a job at the same Antarctic station to search for her father and stumbles headfirst into a conspiracy that threatens everything she’s ever believed.”

Expect the a tonal shift for the new greenlight series. The press release explained,” Though Antarctica has been a unique blend of Stargate and His Dark Materials, the second arc will throw readers back to a time before Hannah’s father, Jerome, disappeared. The creators will continue to deliver twists and turns, introduce new characters, both good and bad, and the excitement and mystery will continue to play out against the backdrop of snow and ice.”

Writer Simon Birks stated, “If readers already love the first two issues of Volume 1, they’re going to love this new arc as we get the chance to delve deep into the previous events surrounding the Fracture and explore the Hannahs’ stories.” Birks added, “We’re thrilled to once again be working with the team at Top Cow. Not only have they been professional, but they’ve really taken the time to get to know us, and I’m delighted they love the book as much as we do.”

Since Antarctica creators can now move forward with the story in ongoing capacity, artist Willi Roberts added, “There was a lot of content in my head that I wanted to share with our readers, from material to design…characters, structures, costumes and many others that will be revealed over time. So, don’t doubt that everything will get bigger and more complex. This is a story that you will remember and will make you question your own reality.”

“It’s amazing to see how much Antarctica is resonating with readers. I’m thrilled people are taking a chance on us and are coming along for the ride.” says letterer Lyndon White, who added, “As a letterer, there’s a lot to play with here. Plus, there are some amazing action sequences coming up, and I got to create some dynamic sound effects.”

To set the mood for the second arc, Birks, Roberts, and White created a Spotify playlist to set the mood and accompany their comic’s visuals.

Antarctica‘s first issue launched earlier this year. Antarctica #6, with Cover A by Willi Roberts and Cover B by Lyndon White will be in comic shops on December 13 and also available for purchase on digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Antarctica #6 variant cover

Antarctica #6 cover


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