Monday, September 11, 2023

Pressman Film Looking to Potentially Revive ‘Christmas Evil’ and De Palma’s ‘Sisters’ With New Projects

The late Edward R. Pressman’s (American Psycho, The Crow, Wall Street) company Pressman Film is one of the producers of the upcoming reboot of The Crow that Lionsgate just acquired, and it’s not the only property Pressman Film is looking to reboot in the coming years.

Speaking with Deadline this week, Sam Pressman – the son of the late Edward Pressman, and the current CEO of Pressman Film – teased that additional IP is actively being explored.

Deadline notes, “Sam Pressman is readying to steer the company into a new chapter that will honor his father’s legacy in the indie sphere whilst also exploring savvy ways to exploit the company’s rich IP library and embrace the possibilities that new technology, such as AI, can bring the indie world.”

Deadline’s report continues, “The company is also diving into how it will exploit its rich IP library, looking at properties like Ferrara’s Good Lieutenant, American slasher title Christmas Evil, and opportunities for remakes of Brian De Palma’s Sisters.”

Pressman teases, “We’ve been doing some really cool stuff that I can’t quite divulge but there are a number of avenues that, when the writers strike is over, we’ll be able to push forward on.”

“We’ve had a lot of fun going through the library looking for these hidden gems that can make great TV series or anime adaptations or stage plays – there are some interesting things brewing in that regard,” he continues.

Directed by Lewis Jackson, 1980’s Christmas Evil pre-dated the holiday slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night by four years, centered on a troubled man (Brandon Maggart) who believes himself to be Santa Claus. Eventually, his obsession drives him to bloody murder.

Sisters, meanwhile, is a classic 1972 thriller from director Brian De Palma. The late Margot Kidder starred as a beautiful model separated from her Siamese twin, Dominique. When a reporter suspects Dominique of murder, she becomes ensnared in the sisters’ insidious bond.


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