Thursday, September 7, 2023

“Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy” – 35th Anniversary Special Coming This October

“Someone, somewhere, knows the truth.” That core idea was the basis for “Unsolved Mysteries,” the classic Robert Stack-hosted television series that began haunting viewers in 1988. The show is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and The Wrap has announced that “Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy” is on the way from FilmRise and Alamo Drafthouse.

The 35th anniversary special premieres IN THEATERS on October 4 at Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide, and it’s coming to ad-supported VOD platforms on October 5.

You can grab your tickets from the Alamo Drafthouse now!

“In the special, co-creators Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove join actors, producers and directors involved in the series’ multi-season run as the cast and crew lift the curtain on the making of the show, from audience involvement on tips, research, casting and solving mysteries.”

The Wrap notes, “Fans attending the Alamo Drafthouse screenings will experience a 90-minute presentation featuring the 60-minute TV special alongside a half-hour compilation of fan-favorite moments, while the streaming program will only feature the 60-minute special.”

Watch the trailer for “Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy” over on The Wrap.

In 1988, Robert Stack donned his trademark trenchcoat for the very first episode of Unsolved Mysteries on NBC. This was something never before seen – a hybrid of news magazine and drama that offered a mix of true crime stories, legends of the weird and the paranormal, and tales of loved ones separated by time and geography.

The original series lasted 11 years, defining an entire genre of true crime programming and inspiring generations of amateur sleuths worldwide.

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