Monday, October 23, 2023

Kickstarter Campaign Launches Today for Retro Plus Games’ Tribute to ‘Castlevania’ With Their Asymmetrical Board Game ‘Dracula’s Curse’

Retro Plus Games has a little something for those Konami fans longing for a proper return to Castlevania. The group will be launching a Kickstarter today for their 6-player board game inspired by Konami’s classic with Dracula’s Curse (according to the developers, Konami had abandoned the trademark for “Dracula’s Curse” back in 2014).

Touted as a labour of love by Retro Plus Games’ John Muennink, Dracula’s Curse puts players on a mission to slay Dracula. In order to do so, you’ll have to brave the ominous halls of Dracula’s castle and navigate its corridors, face unspeakable horrors, and confront the dark lord himself. Adding a twist to it all is that one player will take up the mantle of Dracula, who gains that abilities to manipulate the castle’s dungeon and using strategies to thwart the other players.

As Dracula, you must construct rooms, set traps, harness the souls of defeated monsters, and evolve your abilities by stacking tokens. Meanwhile, the other players will choose from 7 different slayers, each with their own stats and abilities. That includes what’s referred to as “synergies”, that grant your group additional abilities. That’s on top of the 210 FORCE, SPEED, MIND and CURSE cards you’ll be collecting to enhance your slayer’s layout. The team is also planning a Cthulhu’s Curse expansion that adds a new location to the castle, as well as additional quests, items and more.

Currently, Retro Plus Games is asking for $10,000 to reach their goal of production for Dracula’s Curse. As expected, there are several stretch goals, including a solo and two-player mode. There are also back-exclusive cards for those looking for an added incentive to support the project.

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