Sunday, November 19, 2023

‘The Last of Us Part II Remastered’ Coming January 19, 2024 for PlayStation 5 [Trailer]

It turns out that rumour last month of a remaster of The Last of Us Part II was real after all. Naughty Dog and Sony have announced via PlayStation Blog that the remaster of the acclaimed 2020 title will be released on January 19, 2024 for PlayStation 5. Users who already own the PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us Part II can upgrade to The Last of Us Part II Remastered for $10, with their save data also being carried over.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered will feature enhanced graphics, including native 4K output in Fidelity Mode, 1440p upscaled to 4K in Performance Mode, an Unlocked Framerate option for TVs that support VRR, increased texture resolution, increased Level-of-Detail distances, improved shadow quality, animation sampling rate, and more.

Alongside the graphical upgrades, this version of The Last of Us Part II includes a new mode called “No Return,” a roguelike survival mode that’s designed to “let players prove their mettle in randomized encounters and experience The Last of Us Part II‘s combat in a fresh experience.” The new mode includes several playable characters to choose from, each with their own traits that will suit different playstyles. Players will chart their own course on each run, choosing between various stealth and combat encounters that will pit you against a range of enemies, with unique twists that can add new, unexpected factors to any given encounter.

For players who enjoyed the playable guitar mechanic, Naughty Dog has included a new Guitar Free Play mode, which will let players play a host of unlockable instruments, use audio FX pedals to modulate your performance, and play as different characters in several in-game locations to “customize the mood and feel of your set.”

A new set of Lost Levels in Part II Remastered has also been included, giving players a unique chance to check out some playable sequences previously cut from the game. These early-development slices let you see some new glimpses of Part II‘s world, which also include embedded developer commentary to give them richer context.

Naughty Dog has also included newly recorded director’s commentary across the campaign’s cutscenes from director Neil Druckmann, narrative lead Halley Gross, and actors Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and Laura Bailey.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered will be available in a standard edition, as well as a W.L.F. Edition, with the Washington Liberation Front Edition being available exclusively from PlayStation. This edition includes a SteelBook case, four enamel pins, a Washington Liberation front patch, and a collection of 47 Society of Champions trading cards, which includes eight holographic cards. Pre-orders for all editions will open on December 5.

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