Tuesday, January 2, 2024

‘Mickey’s Mouse Trap’ Trailer – Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Slashes Through the Magic Kingdom This Year

Winnie the Pooh got his own (unofficial) horror movie last year with Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, and this year it’s Mickey Mouse’s turn to (unofficially) do a little slicing and dicing.

The Mickey Mouse character entered the public domain just yesterday and already the first teaser trailer has been unleashed for Mickey’s Mouse Trap, an upcoming low-budget horror movie that was obviously shot before the character fell into the public domain but is only being announced and previewed now that Disney can’t actually come after the filmmaking team.

How is Mickey Mouse in the public domain, you ask? Well, it’s actually the short film Steamboat Willie (1928) that entered the public domain this year, bringing Mickey along with it. A Killer Mickey video game was also announced already, which is titled Infestation 88.

In Mickey’s Mouse Trap, on the other hand…

It’s Alex’s 21st birthday, but she’s stuck at the amusement arcade on a late shift so her friends decide to surprise her, but a masked killer dressed as Mickey Mouse decides to play a game of his own with them which she must survive.

Director Jamie Bailey tells The Hollywood Reporter, “We just wanted to have fun with it all. I mean it’s Steamboat Willie‘s Mickey Mouse murdering people. It’s ridiculous. We ran with it and had fun doing it and I think it shows.”

Sophie McIntosh, Callum Sywyk, Allegra Nocita, Ben Harris, Damir Kovic, Mackenzie Mills, Nick Biskupek and Simon Phillips star in the upcoming Mickey’s Mouse Trap.

THR notes that the film could be released as soon as March 2024. Stay tuned.

Mickey’s Mouse Trap is the latest in a long line of recent and upcoming horror movies that take advantage of the public domain status of iconic characters, with Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey being followed by an upcoming sequel, for starters. Other movies including Cinderella’s Curse, Peter Pan: Neverland Nightmare and Bambi: The Reckoning are coming soon.

Mickey Mouse horror movie

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