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‘Scream 7’ – Neve Campbell Would Potentially Return Under “the Right Circumstances”

The future of the Scream franchise is quite unclear at the moment, with franchise stars Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega no longer involved in the upcoming Scream 7, and director Christopher Landon exiting the project as well. The project has completely fallen apart behind the scenes, needless to say, and Paramount/Spyglass are scrambling.

A report came out this past November that suggested the studios are hoping to bring Neve Campbell back for Scream 7, and Campbell is open to that – under the right circumstances.

“It’s sad to me that they’re struggling at the moment. I would imagine that the people at the top are spinning a little bit. Trying to make the right decision. I would imagine people want to do the right thing. I would hope,” Campbell tells Indiewire in a new chat this weekend. “I love this franchise. I would hope it doesn’t fall apart.”

When asked if she would ever return, Campbell had this to say: “Given the right circumstances, yes. I made a statement several years ago, and it was the reason I didn’t do [Scream VI] at the time. I just really felt the need to stand up and say that I don’t believe I would’ve been treated that way had I been a man carrying a franchise for 25 years. And that still stands.”

The reason Campbell didn’t return for Scream VI was because she wasn’t being offered the money she felt she was worth, so that’s one of the issues that would need to be resolved before she ever even considers playing Sidney Prescott on the big screen one more time.

The movie needs a new protagonist now that Barrera and Ortega are no longer returning to Woodsboro, so I’d imagine the studios are hungry to bring Campbell back at any cost.

Stay tuned for more on Scream 7 as we learn it. The movie is not only without a star but also without a director, so a lot is going to have to come together for this one to get moving.

Last we heard, James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick are still on board to write the script.

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