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Maika Monroe Says ‘They Follow’ Will Be a Bigger, Darker and Crazier Sequel

Announced earlier this year, NEON is behind an upcoming sequel to the horror hit It Follows, with writer/director David Robert Mitchell back to direct follow-up They Follow.

Maika Monroe (It Follows, Longlegs) will reprise her role of Jay Height, which earned her an Empire Award nomination, and she teases the sequel in a new chat with Collider.

In the first movie, Monroe’s Jay Height is a young woman followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter. In the sequel, the threat is now EVERYWHERE.

“David is brilliant,” Monroe tells Collider. “[It Follows] was changing the game in the genre, and he wouldn’t ever make a sequel if he didn’t think it was going to top it. He just knows what he wants to do and what he wants to make. I mean, at first I’m like, ‘Oh, a sequel? Where are we going to go here?’ And I read it, and it’s just so fucking good. It’s so good.”

Monroe continues, “I’m so excited. I think where you’ll meet Jay at this point is maybe not what’s expected, but it’s so cool. It’s just, of course, as everyone says for sequels, literally, though, is just bigger and darker and more fucked up. Reading it was the craziest thing ever.”

“I am so excited for this role. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited to delve into something. There’s a lot there to play with, and I think it’s going to be incredibly challenging, for sure, but so fulfilling. Working with David, I can’t wait,” Monroe also tells the site.

Stay tuned for more on They Follow as we learn it. And don’t miss Maika Monroe alongside Nicolas Cage in NEON’s Longlegs, which brings bleak nightmare fuel to theaters on July 12.

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