Thursday, June 13, 2024

New Details Emerge for ‘Jurassic Park: Survival’, Including New Locations, Dinosaurs and Gameplay Features

We never did get many details regarding Saber Interactive’s surprise announcement of Jurassic Park: Survival last December. Luckily, IGN was able to get some details on the game in a recent interview, including the game’s characters, new locations, new dinosaurs and more.

First, what we do know about Survival is that it takes place one day after the events of 1993’s Jurassic Park, and centres on scientist Dr. Maya Joshi, an InGen scientist who was unable to evacuate Isla Nublar, with a mix of first-person stealth and action.

Speaking with Universal Products & Experiences executive producer John Melchior and Saber Interactive creative director Oliver Hollis-Leick, Jurassic Park: Survival will see players revisiting iconic locations from the film, as well as see brand new ones. In addition, the revisited locations may have undergone a few “changes” by the aftermath of the film.

“We have been working with all our stakeholders on what the island would have looked like after the events of the film,” says Melchior. “This includes areas we all love like the Visitor’s Center and the T-Rex paddock. But also, what we didn’t see, things that were not part of the tour or got cut off by the storm.”

Hollis-Leick mentioned that players will encounter new characters, as well as new dinosaurs. The island will also feature different terrain, with many of them “quite challenging.” Players will be required to plan out their routes in order to avoid the attention of certain predators.

“Maya, the main character, is neither superhuman nor an action hero. There are real risks for her around every corner and the player will need to use a mixture of intelligence, grit and patience to survive the island’s many challenges,” says Hollis-Leick.

Jurassic Park: Survival is currently in development for PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

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