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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Top 3 Potential Harry Potter Spin-Offs That Are NOT "Fantastic Beasts"

I must profess my love for anything Harry Potter (at one point, I owned all the books and watched all the films at least three times). There. I said. And why should I be ashamed of that?? While I'm a connoisseur of the horror kind, the fact is this: Harry Potter does represent that element quite well despite the fact that we're talking about a series of books meant for the young adult crowd.

Of course, young adults can definitely enjoy their dose of horror, but that's beside the point.


So, Yes, This Is a Post About Harry Potter, But so Much More

I understand that you horror freaks might not really have a thing for Harry Potter, and that's okay. But one thing's for sure, aside from the newest craze that is FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM and the joyous genius that is Rowling for coming up with that, you can't deny the fact that she created a fantastic world so rich in detail that there's an eternal goldmine of material to mine.
I'm thinking Rowling knows that. And if Rowling were smart (I'm pretty sure she is), she could keep this Hogwarts Express rolling for more and more years if she attempts to even mine a little bit these three ideas in either book, film, or even TV format:

Bear in Mind That These Are Just Hypothetical Ideas

And they don't even have to be tailored for the young adult crowd. You have at least two of these fitting the adult crowd quite well. But as it stands, nothing's been mentioned about any spin-offs such as these, but I'm telling you --

Rowling would make a real killing if she just explored one of these ideas.

Not that she needs to make another killing. She practically owns all of us Muggles right now.

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