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Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Al Pacino's Monologue Skills Make for a Great Satan

If there's one thing we know about Satan, is that he really must be just as much a literary genius and orator as God, the prophets, and any of the writers of the Bible. He can spin a yarn. Tell a story. Philosophize. Satan's a warrior poet. William Wallace (and consequently Mel Gibson) would love Satan with a whole heart. Which is why this post does devote some time to the great orator and "shouter" of old, the man we call Pacino --

Al Pacino Tore New Anuses With His Film DEVIL'S ADVOCATE -- Revealing a Side of Satan We Thought We'd Never Get to See

For the sake of brevity, though, we have to only include the one NSFW scene stealing the show, even to this day, probably every movie lover and religious thriller/horror aficionado would adore, of the film -- and that's a travesty given the film has great pieces of dialogue solely from the master himself that's ripe for the picking even in an English class, let alone a film class. It displays in pure form the fire that is Al Pacino, depicting Satan not just visually, but in a literary format.

We understand Satan quite well. We hear the words. And sometimes that's the best way to depict Satan -- through communication.

We must apologize -- because, again, this is only a taste (but don't TOUCH) of Al Pacino and the Devil practically raping each other in oratory and literary format. Numerous other scenes show exactly what the Devil's all about. But make no mistake -- we also see the fury, the pride, the anger, the horror, the madness, and the sheer audacity that Lucifer himself can parade around with the fact that all of it is HIS for the taking. It's the performance, overall, that hits home.

He has no problem ripping on God. You can see the evil in his eyes. His face. The veins across his forehead. He's a dark angel ready to explode, but understand that we wouldn't see this at all, even if it's right in front of us, if it wasn't for the dialogue.

It Brings About a Point in Film Study as Well as Literary Study....

And this is what I love the most about all depictions of Satan (most notably Al Pacino's in DEVIL'S ADVOCATE) -- the words written (and spoken, obviously) make all the difference. I even begin to wonder if the book the film adapted represented the exact same dialogue. If so, we might have a book heralded as the best Satan depiction of all time -- next to John Milton's PARADISE LOST.

By the way.... Anyone notice that Al Pacino's character was, in fact, named after the author of said epic poem? John Milton.

Genius. Pure genius.

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