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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why Viggo Mortensen Was the ULTIMATE Satan in THE PROPHECY

Don't get us wrong: that film was all Christopher Walken. That was his baby. And you'll never see anyone play a pristine archangel like Gabriel in total Walken gangster style again. It just won't happen.

But Viggo Mortensen? He Was a REAL Treat as Our Favorite Devil in Black.

This follows up on a previous piece on the whole Satan character in films angle, which we've seen a lot of over the years. Al Pacino. Peter Stormare (Tilda Swinton did a pretty interesting job playing Gabriel in that film, if you're quick on guessing which movie that is).... And, yes, Jack Nicholson, of course.

But the guy who played the King, Aragorn, of THE LORD OF THE RINGS? Come on.... Totally miscast, right?



And I will say this: we only see Satan as portrayed by Viggo at the very end, often mistaken for Christopher Walken's Gabriel for turning into a murder of crows. Yes, that's right: Viggo's Satan is the one who does that. And it's iconic.

Sure, there's a lot left we never get to see. It's a one-off part that Viggo could've donated his earnings for to a charity like how Sean Connery did for his little tiny role in Kevin Costner's ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (take a wild guess on what Mr. James Bond played for a role in that movie).

But it's the finer details that make you go.... "HOOOOOBOY." That's one Devil you don't want to mess with. Seriously. The guy looked like an emo drug dealer from London with arguably the best line you'd ever hear from Satan's mouth. Check it out for yourself:

"God is love.... I don't love you." BAM.

You just can't beat that! There's so much packed in that one statement, knowing that while Satan absolutely hates the fact that God the Father is "up there" and he's "down here," the fact is this: God is still his Father. And he recognizes that.

He also recognizes, as much as he hates it, that he's not God. And never will be. There's something to be said about that.

Also know that out of all depictions of Satan in today's media, Viggo Mortensen arguably nailed the absolute sex appeal the best. Al Pacino? Uuuuuuh, no. As much as we love Jack's eyebrows, he's not exactly the kind of guy you'd want to adore. And don't get us started on Peter Stormare.

Why Is That Important? It's Simple:

Satan, originally known as Lucifer, was THE most beautiful of the angels (before he fell to Hell). So it makes sense: Satan had to look like a London emo drug dealer in black. The angst was so infectious that countless years later we had to then deal with the likes of Edward Cullen and his inability to smile.

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