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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why Fox Shouldn't Worry About the Disney Merger and Their EXORCIST TV Show Shutting Down

We get it, though. I mean, it's not like the "Exorcist" was ever meant for the kid crowd. William Peter Blatty certainly made sure of the fact that such a property was going to be pretty visceral and intense. However, be ensured of this important fact: even Bob Iger himself stated that even Deadpool would have a place within the property! That should tell you something....

Additionally, Bear in Mind This Important Fact: Disney's No Stranger to the Horror Genre AT ALL

Case in point: the iconic film THE SIXTH SENSE. That story wasn't without its scares and
questionable images, yet Disney believe it or not is the driving force behind that movie. Moreover, look at Disney's past, and you'll automatically see that they've got the quite the scares in some properties, so I personally don't see Iger and company steering away from such a popular property as THE EXORCIST.

Yes, the IP represents some serious subject matter, wickedly and richly dark content. But, again, I repeat: Deadpool. Dead. POOL! The pool of the dead, within the MCU, owned by Disney.

That Being Said, I Understand Fox's Worry: We're Talking About a Measly TV Show Here

It could be that THE EXORCIST may end up being cancelled, much in the way Disney pretty much nixed the entire expanded Star Wars universe for a clean slate. Who knows. However, bear in mind that while Marvel is owned by Disney, notice that Marvel still is its own entity, capable of working out deals with, say, Netflix for such fierce offerings as DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES, IRON FIST, LUKE CAGE, THE DEFENDERS, and of course -- THE PUNISHER.

You don't see Disney slapping Marvel's wrists there. There's a real chance Disney will treat Fox in much the same way.

Of Course, Only Time Will Tell as We Continue to See How Disney Devours the Entire Media Space With Their Ever-Loving Galactus Powers

Like a freakin' world-eater. Can we complain? NO. As long as they continue to not screw up the MCU and Star Wars, I'm good with the House of Mouse. Please, though, stay frosty and flexy with some of the darker properties you now own. After all, us Disney lovers love the fright.

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